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Damage-free DIY tips for Christmas

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Damage-free DIY tips for Christmas

Decorating your house for Christmas is one of the real joys of this time of year, that truly signals the festive season has begun.

But come twelfth night when all the festivities come down, many of us don't feel quite as cheery when we realise that our decorations have left something of an unwanted lasting mark on our home. Nail holes in the wall and dents and scuffs in the carpet where the Christmas tree stood are unsightly and not to mention, in some cases, unsafe.

So before the garlands and trinkets go up, take a look at these top tips on having a damage-free Christmas from Joseph Beeby, DIY Guru and Handyman Operations Manager at Handy (www.handy.com), the UK’s fastest-growing provider of on-demand cleaning and DIY experts.

Rethink your wreath

Nailing up a festive wreath will leave an unwanted hole in wooden doors, and it’s also not an option for more modern PVC doors. A great alternative to nailing your wreath to the door is to use a heavy duty, adhesive, Command Hook. This will hold the wreath in place and won’t leave a mark once you remove it. You can get these for £2.99 from Amazon

Ice, ice baby

Quite often we have to re-arrange the furniture to make way for the tree. And if you have carpet, moving them may reveal indentations where the weight has flattened the thread. To remove these indentations, all you need is an ice cube! Place it on the indentation and leave to melt overnight. The water will plump the fibres up and leave the carpet as good as new. Do the same thing to remove the marks left by the tree once it’s time to pack it away.

Anchors away

If you have small children or pets you may want to think about anchoring your Christmas tree, since all it takes is a nudge for it to topple over. Anchoring is simply a case of weighting it in place. To do this without drilling it to the floor or keeping it upright using wires to attach it to the walls, filled sandbags placed over the legs of the stand will do the trick.

A bright idea for lights

When hanging outdoor lights, instead of drilling through the brickwork or attaching them to the gutter (which can often damage them) use brick clips. Brick clips are designed to clasp around an individual brick. All you will need is two clips, then simply slide each end of the lights into the attached hooks. You can get a pack of two for £30 from Amazon

Also, instead of hanging tinsel streamers from the ceiling, which often fall down and leave blue tack stuck to the ceiling, go for a more contemporary feel by hanging ornaments and baubles from light fittings. Simple, stylish, and festive.

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