9 curious uses for coffee

9 curious uses for coffee

1. Use as a pin cushion filler

If you love to sew, you'll need a trusty pin cushion to store all your tools. Rather than stuffing your pin cushion with toy stuffing try filling it with coffee grounds instead, not only will ot provide a sturdy shape but the coffee also stops your pins from rusting too!

2. Create a coffee candle

A great use for leftover coffee is to make your own coffee candle. Fill a bowl with coffee beans and place a tea light on the top! The heat of the candle will heat the beans and you can enjoy a lovely aroma throughout the room.

3. Keep unwanted cats away

Cats seem to really hate the smell of coffee so grab a handful to spread throughout the garden and they'll soon stay away from your precious plants. Mix your grounds with orange peel to give it that extra cat-repelling effect.

4. Reduce cellulite

You may have seen cellulite-reducing products in beauty shops which include caffeine. You can help get rid of cellulite with your very own homemade coffee scrub! Simply mix coffee granules with your favourite body wash for the best results.

5. Hair colour

If you already have dark hair, you can use coffee and a as hair colour enhancer and it will darken and add shine to your tresses. Make a strongly brewed coffee, aloow it to cool then  pour it through your hair. Keep it under a shower cap and leave it to sink into your hair.

6. Deodorise your fridge and  freezer

A great way to get rid of unwanted smells in your fridge is to fill up some bowls of used coffee grounds and place them in the fridge overnight. It's an easy and natural way to get rid of undesirable odours.

7. As slug and snail repellant

If you've got green fingers then you've probably not a big fan of slugs and snails. As well as killing plants they also eat seeds before they've had a chance to grow. To prevent these problems put used coffee grounds at the base of plants to keep them safe.

8. Wood stain

It's not just fabric and paper that coffee can be used on - if your wooden table or fence needs a pick-me-up, try using coffee as a natural wood stain.

9. As an exfoliator

Add used coffee grounds to warm water or coconut oil and scrub your skin from head to foot for smooth and silky skin.

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