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8 smart packing tips to make moving easy

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8 smart packing tips to make moving easy

1. Pack a "1st day box"

Grab a box and fill it with all the essentials you'll need on the first day. Remember to keep it with you on your journey to your new home, so it doesn't get mixed with the rest of your belongings and get lost.

2. Make up your new bed first

Make your bed as soon as you get into your new home. Throw yourself into the first day of unpacking, and when it gets late you'll be able to peacefully crawl into bed.

3. Bag hanging clothes

Grab a black bin-liner and gather your hanging clothes. Put a rubber band around the hangers for some extra support if you want. Once you get to your new home, hang up your clothes and remove the bag. Easy!

4. Protect breakables

Keep delicate items secure in boxes by inserting paper inside them and wrapping them in bubble wrap on the outside. This helps prevent damage being done to your valuables. If you're worried, keep them close to you on your journey as an extra precaution - this way they won't be underneath other boxes and they're less likely to get damaged.

5. Use coloured tape

Using different coloured washi tape helps to organise your boxes during the move. The different colours help show the movers which box goes into each room, it makes the whole move less stressful and more efficient.

6. Make a list

As you pack your boxes and make a list of all their contents. It's a good idea to number the boxes so if you're missing one during the move it's easy to see what you're missing inside.

7. De-clutter

Clear the clutter before you move, so you can either: sell, give or throw it away. This way your move can be faster and much more organised without trying to move unnecessary clutter to your new home.

8. Wear comfy clothes

Pick out your comfiest and most practical outfits for moving day. You want to be able to move around with ease and also be able to take layers off when you get too warm (think leggings, jogging bottoms and t-shirts).

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