The future of house sitting
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Going on holiday is very exciting and a time to be enjoyed with the whole family. However, do you often find yourself worrying about your home and how safe it is back home? Research from Hive polled 2,000 UK adults and found that two thirds depend on friends, family and neighbours to check in on their homes while they jet off on their hols. And more than a third admit they can’t relax unless they know someone is keeping an eye on their home.

This has led many Brits to rely on house sitters to give them peace of mind when they're on holiday. A house sitter helps out by picking-up the post, watering the plants, checking everything is switched off that should be, keeping the pets fed – and providing regular updates.


But despite people wanting a house sitter, four in ten feel bad asking somebody to check in on their dwellings and many have doubts over how reliable those looking after their homes might be. These include fears they’ll leave the front door unlocked, forget to switch items on or off, damage things - or even go through their belongings.

The research found around three in ten would be able to relax more if they could check in on their home remotely from holiday using a virtual house sitter.

How to keep your home safe when you go on holiday

Tom Guy, Global Product Director at Hive said: “Getting away for the Summer holiday is something we all look forward to, but as our research shows, we often jet off wondering if everything is well back home. Fearing we have forgotten to switch things off, or worried about unexpected events like a leak, leaves many unable to relax, forcing them to rely on others to check in. Smart home technology gives another option, creating a ‘virtual house sitter’ who can watch over your home, update you of anything untoward, and allow you to check in as often as you want from a far - giving you priceless peace of mind.”

“Smart home technology allows you to check in on your home and control lights, heating and appliances to come on and off at the click of a button, wherever you may be, all through your phone. This removes the need to rely on anyone else to look after your property - or worry about your house sitter having a snoop – but even if you do still prefer to have them check in, you can make sure everything is okay in between their visits” added Guy. 

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