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20 things you're probably forgetting to clean

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20 things you're probably forgetting to clean

Don't forget to clean these dirt and bacteria hotspots!

  1. Between and under the sofa cushions: anyone who has luckily dug up a handful of pound coins from down the sofa will know what an Aladdin’s cave it can become down there. Make an effort to move and air out the cushions every once in a while and you never know what treasures you might find down there.
  2. Under the fridge is a magnet for dust, crumbs and those odd specks of dirt we conveniently kick out of the way when we’re cleaning the floor. Take care and ask for help if you need it to move the fridge slightly to one side and then get under there with a dust pan and brush and a damp cloth.
  3. Makeup brushes: you use them every day directly onto your face yet it’s easy to forget to give them a good clean. Get rid of any clogged up makeup or bacteria by washing them in some shampoo under the taps until the water runs clear. 
  4. Hairbrush: you use your hairbrush on wet hair, dry hair, dirty hair, clean hair and for singing in front of the mirror, so make sure it gets a thorough clean every now and again. Give your hairbrush a bath in some hot soapy water and then pull off the excess hair from the brush.
  5. Kitchen sponges are notorious for building up bacteria and making a pong before you know it. To disinfect it regularly, leave it to soak in a bleach and water mix (just mind your hands in that bleach and wear gloves).
  6. Doorknobs: consider how many people touch your doorknobs in a week or a month and where those hands might have been and you may find yourself scrabbling for the disinfectant. Just a microfibre cloth dabbed with some disinfectant will do the job in no time. Now do the same with your light switches too.
  7. Toothbrush holder: you probably give your toothbrush a really thorough scrubbing before every use but have you thought about what you’re putting it in? Give your toothbrush holder a soak in some hot and soapy water.
  8. The gaps in your worktop: if there’s a space between where your oven ends and your worktop begins, it’s likely the dust and the crumbs will have found their way in there. Try getting the attachments on your vacuum to suck up the dirt or else use a long, thin duster.
  9. Pillows: you lie on them every night and no doubt clean the covers regularly but it’s often easy to forget to wash the actual pillows. Check the label and care instructions on the pillow and then get them spruced up from there.
  10. Shower curtains can quickly attract mildew so be sure to spray it down with disinfectant, ideally after every shower.
  11. House plants: you water them, you keep them out of bright sunlight, but did you know you also need to give your plants a little clean every so often? Just wipe down the leaves and stem when you’re doing your dusting rounds.
  12. Under the bed: it’s just above where you sleep so it’s important to make sure that the space under your bed is clean, especially if you or someone in your family is prone to allergies. It’s a pain but try to move over the bed and do a good hoover around to make it is dirt and dust free.
  13. Sink drains have all sorts of things hurled at them including bits of last night’s dinner so they can easily clog up. Keep them clean and flowing by pouring down a couple of spoonfuls of baking powder and then letting the hot tap run for a bit. Coca cola is also a good drain cleaner.
  14. The outside light gets grimy and full of insects before you know it so try to take it off its fitting (if it’s safe to do so) and wipe it down with a cloth every time you notice the dirt starting to build.
  15. Your bins: banish the bad smells from your dustbins by emptying, washing them down with a hose or bucket of water and leaving them to dry in the open air.
  16. Your rug can harbour lots of bits and bobs, from nails to pet hair to the back of that earring you lost last year so it’s a good idea to hoover it regularly and get it properly cleaned (check the label for instructions) about once a year.
  17. Blinds harbour more germs than you’d like to know about so wipe them down thoroughly with a cloth about once a fortnight.
  18. Grocery bags: they’re brilliant for the environment but also require a bit more TLC than your run-of-the-mill plastic bag. Treat them like any other fabrics you own and pop them in the washing machine on the right setting for the fabric to stop smells building up.
  19. The remote control is worryingly one of the dirtiest things in your house so be sure to disinfect it or give it a wipe down with a wet wipe. It’s a good idea to do the same with your phone, headphone and any other little gadgets around the house that you touch regularly too.
  20. Your landline phone can alarmingly become home to more germs than your toilet seat so give it a good wipe down (receiver and all) before you take that next phone call.