10 unexpected ways to reuse plastic bags

10 unexpected ways to reuse plastic bags

1. Make a flowerpot

A great way to reuse unwanted plastic bags is to create your own flowerpot. This a is ideal way to create a unique pot that no one else will have. All you need are 7-8 medium to large thin plastic bags and a large crochet hook. You can view the tutorial at MamiMadeit.blogspot.com 

2. In your holiday suitcase

Plastic bags prove themselves quite useful for when you’re going on holiday. Use them to protect any liquids such as perfumes or shampoo bottles in your luggage – and put your dirty shoes in them to keep them away from your clothes. For more tips like this visit Genius Holiday Hacks: for your Suitcase.

3. Food prep bin

If your kitchen bin is far away from where you prepare food, hang a plastic bag on a drawer. This way you can slide all your peelings, chopped tops of carrots and empty packaging into it. You can have two plastic bags hanging on each corner – one for recycling and one for general waste.

4. Make a rug

Did you know you can make a rug out of your spare plastic bags? Find out more on how you can make your own rug at HomesteadWeaver.com. You can even knit your own tote bag using old plastic carriers, for the pattern click here.

5. Keep your trousers clean

If you love to garden then keep your knees clean by tying some old plastic bags around them. This will protect you from mud – you can tie a few around your legs, to keep your knees padded and comfy while you work.

6. Recycle them!

Look for your nearest plastic bag recycling facilities at your local big supermarkets. Sainsbury’s have recycling banks for carrier bags and
Morrisons have collection points for carrier bags and batteries.

7. Protect your plants

Loosely tie a plastic bag around your plants overnight during winter to protect them from the frost. Just remember to remove the bag in the morning.

8. By the front door

Protect your floors and carpet from sopping wet umbrellas by storing some plastic bags by the door for your family and guests to use. You can also keep some spare plastic bags for dirty shoes like football boots and wellies to be transported outside for cleaning.

9. Rolling out dough

Cut a plastic bag in half and use it as a non-stick surface for rolling out your dough. You can also make the process even easier by rolling your dough between two plastic bag sheets.

10. Protect outdoor taps

Freezing temperatures? Look after your outdoor taps in the winter by taping lots of plastic bags over them.

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