What to wear to feel confident on a date

What to wear to feel confident on a date

Top tips from wardrobe coach Alicia Kite of Alicia Kay Style

  • A lot of the time we pick clothes based on the things we want to hide, but instead, pick three parts of your body that you love. After you’ve decided, dress for these positive parts of your body and accentuate them rather than fixating on what you don’t like. With your best assets looking great, you’ll leave the house feeling confident, not self-conscious.
  • Never underestimate the power of a cocktail ring. They can take ‘hands that do dishes’ and make them look really elegant. It’s a great way to add colour or glitz, without being too over the top.
  • As for necklaces, if you buy a pendant that sits at your tummy button this will instantly make you look slimmer. If you have a favourite necklace that you always wear, don’t be afraid to keep that on and layer your jewellery for a striking, modern look.
  • If you’re out buying a new dress or skirt for your date, then choose one that sits just below the knee. This is the most flattering length on all of us, no matter our size or height, so a great choice.
  • Similarly, if you want to elongate your legs then make sure the inside of your shoes is black if you’re wearing black tights. Light or natural tones can cut your legs off and make them look shorter, a black interior will make your legs look like they go on forever!
  • It can be tempting to wear your sexiest underwear on a date, but that is unlikely to be the underwear that makes your outfit look good. Wear a nude coloured bra with a moulded cup to give tops structure and make the fabric hang nicely from your body. Make sure you check the back of your outfit in the mirror as well as the front to avoid any visible pant lines.
  • You’ll want to feel comfortable in what you’re wearing, you don’t want your skirt hitching up or your straps falling down so make sure you try your outfit before your date.
  • Remember, what really matters is how you feel in your clothes, and if you feel fantastic in something, everyone will notice – not just your date!


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