Expert says over 50s NEED these five items in their wardrobe

Expert says over 50s NEED these five items in their wardrobe

With fashions constantly changing, it can seem impossible to stay stylish but fashion expert, Nayna McIntosh, CEO and Founder of women’s fashionwear brand Hope believes that these five wardrobe essentials are perfect to keep the over 50's feeling and looking fabulous. 

Base layers


Base layers are important says Nanya and they can act as the perfect foundation to any outfit instantly making you feel comfortable and confident with your shape. 

"Base layers, most commonly associated with shape wear or high quality athletic wear, will smooth and sculpt the body, creating a clean line and alluring silhouette. Having the base of your outfit then allows you to layer other garments such as knitwear, dresses, jersey and sheer styles over the top to create your perfect signature style that you will feel good and confident in.”

The trusty legging


You may be sceptical about leggings and worry they don't suit you. But Nanya believes they are a staple garment for any woman's wardrobe and the perfect starting point for lots of outfits.

"Leggings in darker colours can help make your legs look longer, and also offer that extra support by smoothing the appearance of your legs and covering up any unwanted lumps or bumps, which are entirely natural, but often leave us feeling self-conscious. Leggings are also great for your holiday wardrobe, as you can fold and roll them up and pop them into your suitcase or handbag without them taking up much space, and they offer ultimate comfort on long-haul flights.”

Get booted up


Investing in a good pair of fashionable boots that will last you a long time can be a good idea as they will make every outfit look well put together and presentable. Nanya says, "finding the perfect pair of boots can seem impossible with the sheer number of retailers offering different colours, styles, fabrics and price points up and down the high street and online. However, I always advise to go for those of the best quality, which usually means making an investment and opting for the higher price point.”

Have a go to outfit 


We've all had an outfit that we know we will feel great in and get complimented for. Nanya says it's always important to have a go0to outfit like this that is timeless and reliable. "A great way to refresh your favourite outfit, and keep it up to date with current trends, is to experiment with and change your hair and makeup, or your accessories and shoes. You’ll be amazed how doing so can put a completely different spin on the outfit.” 

Layer up


Especially at this time of year when it may be freezing cold outside but it is quite warm indoors, layering is the perfect option for every outfit. It can also easily allow you to go from day to evening if you don't want a full outfit change! "Layering is the best way to experiment with your outfits and add a pop of colour or pattern into your everyday style – why not go bold with a cobalt chunky knit jumper, or bright orange with an oversized scarf?”

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