Everything you need to know about electric bikes

Everything you need to know about electric bikes

If you want to get fit but find pedalling up the hills a bit tricky as you get older, an electric bike could be a good investment.

What is an electric bike?

An electric bike is essentially a normal bicycle (with pedals and gears as usual) that has an additional electric motor, designed to help you go further or just save energy when you're out of puff. For many, just keeping up with the grandkids whilst cycling is a great motivator for choosing an e-bike – imagine their surprise too when you are able to match their distances, thanks to your little e-bike secret!

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How should I choose an electric bike?

With the help of the experts at Raleigh, we’ve put together some simple things to consider:

  • Do you want an easy to get onto low step bike
  • Do you prefer a more upright riding position?
  • Are you planning to ride mainly on cycle paths and roads or does your ride include lots of towpaths, tracks & bridleways?
  • Typically, what sort of distance would you ride in a day e.g. less than 25km or more than 25km or even 50km?
  • Is your ride mainly flat or does it include gentle inclines or steep hills?

With these questions in mind, go into your local bike dealer to see and try different bikes to get the right one for you.

How much would you expect to pay for an electric bike?

Entry level for a high spec, comfortable bike starts from £1000.

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