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3 ways you can look after your feet this party season

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3 ways you can look after your feet this party season

Wearing heels can totally transform your figure and finish of a stylish outfit! But although they may look pretty, they aren’t always the comfiest shoes to wear and our feet can often suffer! Rachel Clinkard from the footwear specialist and retailer, Charles Clinkard. Gives her top tips for looking after your party feet this season.

With the festive season fast approaching, you’re bound to want to look your best. And, while you’re likely to be preoccupied with planning your hairstyle and outfit, we all know that the shoes you choose can make a real difference to your overall look.

Whether you’re choosing some stunning new heels, gorgeous flats, or show-stopping wedges, standing and dancing in shoes for prolonged periods can cause pain and unsightly foot problems such as bunions and blisters. So, I’ll be sharing my top tips for looking after your party feet.

Choose more comfortable and wearable styles

When you’re choosing footwear for the party you need to decide which shoe type will be the best for your feet, bearing in the mind the amount of time you’ll be wearing them for.

If you’ve got your heart set on some killer heels for the occasion, I recommend opting for platform styles over stiletto ones. These can relieve the stress on the arch of your foot by distributing your weight across the chunky base and are one of the most comfortable styles out there. If you’ve got a line-up of parties coming up, I’d advise switching up the heel height occasionally, avoid wearing heels for more than two days in a row, and opt for nothing higher than 4cm, as this can alter your walking quality and cause stress and pain in your knees and lower back.

For some, wedges may be a better option, as they spread your weight over a larger surface area and are usually easier to walk in, making it more likely you’ll last the night on your feet. But, don’t worry if you want to play it safe in some comfy flats instead: there are many stunning styles out there, and you’ll be able to find narrow or wide-fit styles to accommodate your individual foot shape and size.

Take precautionary measures

The shoes you buy should always feel comfortable at the point of purchase in terms of both fit and style. However, it’s possible that once you’ve been on the dancefloor for a couple of hours, you may feel some soreness on the balls of your feet. But, don’t worry — there are some products on the market that can help you overcome this. Slipping some gel cushions into the front of closed toe shoes can prevent burning soles, while using heel grips can stop your feet from sliding forwards. There are even people who swear taping their toes together helps to alleviate any pressure from wearing heels. To do this all you’ll need to do is to tape your third and fourth toes together with nude medical tape, so why not give this a try?

If you expect to be on your feet for hours on end, I recommend taking a pair of flip flops or your cosiest flats that you can change into. This means you can save your feet before any rubbing or pain has time to set in.

Ease any post-party tension

A night spent on your feet can leave you with sore legs, feet, and toes, so it’s important to treat them to a pamper session post-party. The following morning, you should take some time to flex your feet muscles, rotate your ankles, and massage the balls of your feet to try to ease some of the tension. If your feet are hot and puffy from the evening, it’ll be a good idea to soothe them with a footbath that has a relaxing foot soak in it. These soaks are great for reducing inflammation and relieving stress and tiredness, as well as removing any toxins in your body from the one-too-many drinks you had last night. I recommend a lavender one for an extra-tranquil pampering experience!

Finish off with a thick moisturiser and let it sink in to repair any dry or cracked heels, so your party feet are looking their best for the next occasion.

We all love looking our best during the party season, but this shouldn’t be at the expense of your feet. With these top three tips, some careful planning and the correct care, your feet will survive any party.