10 easy ways to recycle your winter wardrobe for summer style

10 easy ways to recycle your winter wardrobe for summer style

Inspired by the alterations challenges on the Great British Sewing Bee? Why not have a go yourself with our easy ways to recycle your winter wardrobe into stylish summer clothing!

1. Maxi to mini

It’s easy to turn a flowing maxi dress into an edgy shorter skirt. Just pin around your desired length and cut an inch below. Then simply tuck under and sew into a quick hem for a cleaner edge. This will make a perfect throw-on gown for any casual summer days.

2. Change the neckline

A low-cut V-shaped neckline is a great way of updating a standard T-shirt or vest top – or how about creating a stylish wide boat-neckline for a more modest look.

The tie-dye and cold shoulder looks are big this summer and you can easily do it yourself

3. Adjust sleeves

Get cutting with the fabric scissors and turn those wintery long-sleeve tops into sleeveless designs or even capped. For the chillier summer evenings, why not consider three-quarter length sleeves.

4. Cut-out panels

One for the more daring fashionistas out there – cutting out boxed panels from old party dresses around the waist will create an edgy design that is great for nights-out during the warmer months.

5. Crochet

Turn on the boho charm this summer by adding crochet details to old printed T-shirts and vest tops. The lace material can be sewn on around the sleeves, across the top of the back or even by undoing the side hems and inserting crochet panels.

6. Cut-off jeans

An oldie but a goodie – fashion fans for years have been taking to their old pairs of jeans and turning them into vintage-looking denim crops. Just mark your wanted length with a pen around each leg and get cutting. It doesn’t matter if you go wonky too, it’s all about the distressed vibe.

7. Tie-dye an old T-shirt

Have some fun with fabric dye and add a splash of colour to your old white clothes. The tie-dye look is big this summer, especially around festival season, and the brighter the colour the better.

8. Turn it strapless

It may sound tricky but it’s actually an easy at-home job. Just purchase a long piece of elastic and sew on around and under the bust after cutting off the top-half of an old oversized T-shirt. This would be a perfect throw-on item for holiday beach-days.

9. Make it a tie-front tank top

Adding a new detail to any standard vest top will jazz up your summer wardrobe. Just simply cut across the back of the top over the hips, and then a straight line up the middle of the front. From the two new flaps, cut in a diagonal line to the back seams. This will make two points at the front, which can be tied to form a stylish knot.

10. Cold shoulder

The cold shoulder look is huge this season among high street stores and it can easily be designed at home using a standard T-shirt. Just draw an oval shape around each shoulder and then cut out.

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