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Wherever you're planning on heading off on your next trip, you're going to need the best suitcase for travel to fit all of your fabulous clothes and must-have make-up and toiletries. Whether you're jetting off for two weeks in the sunshine, a week full of exploring local gems in a far-flung destination or an action-packed walking holiday, ensuring you have a good quality suitcase will make sure your belongings get from A to B safely and securely.

It doesn't matter whether it's a resort you've been to before or you're exploring a new destination, planning and booking a trip away is always exciting. However, packing for a trip is nobody's favourite job and it can be quite stressful even thinking about where to begin with getting your belongings organised for your holiday. The very first step should be to think about your suitcase and ensure it has enough room for everything you want to take with you. Whether you're in need of a new suitcase because you need more space for packing or your old suitcase has seen better days, we're here to help you decide on a new one.

Best suitcase for travel at a glance:

Best overall: Away Travel The Large – view on Away Travel
Best expandable suitcase: Antler Clifton – Large – view on Antler
Best lightweight suitcase: it Luggage World's Lightest Large 8 Wheel Soft Suitcase – view on Argos

There are two main types of suitcases you can buy and which one you choose will all depend on your personal preferences. Your best suitcase for travel might be a hard shell suitcase or it might be a soft shell one. Hard shell suitcases are more robust but they're heavier to begin with than a soft shell. If you opt for one of those you'll be able to take more with you on your trip, depending on your airline's luggage allowance, so you'll have plenty of room for all your different outfits, shoe options, and ajam-packed toiletry bag with every personal care item you need amongst other things. Other features to consider are the number of wheels they have, locking systems, whether they're expandable, the different handles they have, and of course, the overall dimensions and packing capacity.

To help you pick the right luggage for your next adventure, we've searched the web for all the best suitcases for travel, making sure to list the dimensions, weight, packing capacity, and warranty available, as well as all the colours they are available in, to help you make the choice of which one will be the best for your packing and holiday requirements.

Best suitcase for travel

Best overall


The Large by Away Travel is a durable suitcase that is built to last, with a polycarbonate hard


  • Interior compression system to help pack more in
  • Hidden laundry bag to keep dirty clothing separate


  • At 5.3kg, it's heavier than others featured on our list

Best expandable suitcase


The Antler Clifton is light on its feet and wheels like a dream, what more could you want from a


  • Large packing capacity
  • Comes with a dust bag for storage when not in use


  • Some customer reviews have reported the lighter colours seem to scuff more easily

Best stylish suitcase


For a suitcase that combines the best of style and substance, you should consider the Rock Luggage


  • Super lightweight
  • Stylish and practical


  • Would be better to have two even packing sections to give the case more stability when completely full

Best value suitcase

Tripp Banana Holiday 7 Medium 4 Wheel Exp Suitcase

Rrp: £69.50

Price: £49.50


If you've got a shorter holiday planned, you might not want to take a big suitcase with you,


  • Tough and durable
  • Expandable for extra capacity


  • Not as big as other cases so more suited for shorter stays rather than a longer trip

Most secure suitcase


No animal products are made to use Cnnct Case so it's a 100 per cent vegan product. It has a sleek


  • Digital luggage tag
  • Built-in TSA three-digit code lock


  • Heavier than other suitcases on our list

Best duffle suitcase


With two wheels and an extendable top handle as well as two padded top carry handles, there are


  • Two ways to carry
  • Lightweight


  • There are two sections that can be opened separately but only one TSA lock

Best soft shell suitcase


With an expandable interior, a built-in tech compartment to store your laptop, tablet or e-reader


  • Expandable with internal compression
  • Tech pocket


  • The warranty doesn't cover airline damage

Best suitcase under £100


You get a lot of suitcase for your money with the it Luggage Lux-Lite Bewitching Suitcase. It's


  • Extra large size to fit everything in
  • Stylish design


  • Some may be looking for a suitcase with a more basic design

Best lightweight suitcase


Next up on our list of the best suitcase for travel is another option to consider from it Luggage,


  • Extremely light
  • Made with tough materials


  • Not as big a packing capacity compared to other large suitcases in our list

Best suitcase set

American Tourister Summer Session
Price: £209.95 (RRP £449.99)


You get a large and medium suitcase plus a cabin bag in this American Tourister Summer Session


  • Three suitcases for the price
  • They all match


  • Some may prefer to have two suitcases the same size plus the cabin bag

If you're travelling with hand luggage only and are looking for a carry-on bag you can take onto the plane with you or in need of a bag for weekends away in the UK, take a look at our round-up of the best cabin bags.


Where can I buy the best suitcase for travel?

If you'd prefer to browse for your own luggage, we've listed some of our favourite retailers where you can buy suitcases from different brands in many different sizes and styles so you can find the best suitcase for your travelling needs.

Very luggage and suitcases
John Lewis suitcases and luggage
Matalan suitcases and luggage
Argos bags, luggage and travel
Luggage Superstore suitcases and travel bags

How much luggage can I take on a plane?

How much luggage you can take on your plane journey will all depend on what you selected at the time of booking. Not all airlines include checked baggage in their fares so, most of the time, you have to add this on separately, unless you've booked a package holiday, of course.

The standard is you can usually have one checked suitcase that goes into the hold of the plane, but the maximum weight will depend on your chosen airline. We've rounded up the common maximum weights for some of the UK's most popular airlines, but as they all offer different options, we would always recommend checking with them directly before you fly.

Ryanair hold luggage - 20kg
EasyJet standard hold luggage- 23kg
Jet2 hold luggage - 22kg
TUI Airways standard hold luggage - 20kg
British Airways hold luggage - 23kg
Virgin Atlantic hold luggage - 23kg

Most airlines may also offer you the option of buying additional KGs for your luggage, but no single suitcase can weigh more than 32kg across all airlines for the safety of baggage handlers.

What is the best way to pack a suitcase?

Packing a suitcase is a pretty straightforward job. However, when it feels like you've got a million and one things to do before heading off on your holiday, it can be quite a daunting prospect for remembering everything you need to take and how you're going to pack it all in.

That's why we've got some top tips on how to pack a suitcase with little things you can do that will help you maximise the space available and help you organise the packing process.

Before you pack

• Write a list of everything you need so that when it comes to packing you can tick things off as you go.

• If you're someone that has a tendency to overpack, lay out everything you intend to take and then reduce at least two outfits from it.

• Speaking of outfits, work out what you're going to wear day by day, and evening by evening if required. Can you re-wear items again to create new outfits?

• Take things like shampoo, body wash and moisturiser out of their large containers and decant them into smaller, travel-size bottles and containers so you're only taking what you need.

• Use a jewellery roll or small travel box for your necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings to stop them from getting tangled together.

While packing

• Instead of folding all your clothes, you could try rolling them to save space and they shouldn't end up creased either.

• Store underwear or small items inside shoes.

• Use packing cubes or pouches to help you find things more easily once you reach your destination. You can pack each cube with different outfits to save time deciding what you're going to wear each day. You can also use them to put your laundry in on the way home.

• Keep essential items such as phone chargers and travel adaptors in a bag at the top of your suitcase so you can find them more easily, or better yet, pack those in your hand luggage.

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