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Best Yankee Candle scents

by Rosie Floyd |
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When searching for the best Yankee Candle scents, there are plenty to choose from. We’re huge fans of Yankee Candles here at Yours as we like that they offer a variety of fragrances to suit a variety of living spaces, whatever the season it is, or mood you’re feeling. They offer good quality products, too, whether you’re a fan of candles, wax melts, reed diffusers or plug-in air fresheners.

The range of Yankee Candle scents means there is truly something for everyone and every room. You may want a sweet smell in the kitchen, something fresh in the bathroom and a cosier fragrance in your living room. And as there are plenty of Yankee Candle deals to be had, there’s always a chance to discover your new favourite for less.

Best Yankee Candle scents at a glance:

Our favourite Clean Cotton product

Yankee Candle Clean Cotton Jar Candle, Large

Our favourite Vanilla Cupcake product

Yankee Candle Vanilla Cupcake Jar Candle, Large

Our favourite Spiced Orange product

Yankee Candle Spiced Orange Jar Candle, Small

Our favourite Baby Powder product

Yankee Candle Baby Powder Jar Candle, Large

The brand is known for its premium scented candles at affordable prices but as we’ve mentioned above, Yankee Candle does so much more than just candles nowadays. They offer air freshener plug-ins that spray fragrance into your room for up to 30 days as well as reed diffusers that can last all the way up to eight weeks so you can go about your day and have your room smelling lovely without worrying about a flame.

When it comes to scents, everyone has their own personal taste, so what might be a favourite for one person could be less appealing to someone else. That’s certainly the case across the Yours team when we asked around for their best Yankee Candle scent - some of us prefer sweet scents, others opt for fresher fragrances and a couple of us chose spicier, warmer smells over anything else. After gathering our teams top picks, we’ve put together a list of the best Yankee Candle scents that we’re sure will delight your senses, whatever your taste.

Best Yankee Candle scents

Clean Cotton

With Clean Cotton by Yankee Candle, you don’t have to wait for a warm day to fill your nose with the scent of fresh laundry drying in the summer breeze. A favourite of Digital Group Yours Editor, Maria Martin, Clean Cotton captures that freshly dried clothes scent with notes of white flowers and a touch of lemon to give any room a feel of cleanliness. We think this scent is perfect for filling a room after you’ve done a tidy-up around your home to keep the freshness going.

Our favourite Clean Cotton product

Yankee Candle Clean Cotton Large Jar CandleYankee Candle/Amazon

Rrp: $31.00

Price: $24.99
Alternative retailers$20.99View offer
Walmart$26.14View offer

Bergamot, lily of the valley and vetiver come together to create a fragrance that is delightfully fresh to give your home that bright and airy feeling.

Vanilla Cupcake

A scent that smells good enough to eat, Vanilla Cupcake will delight your senses with a smell that is reminiscent of the one that greets you when you've taken a tray of vanilla cupcakes straight out of the oven. "Think of warm sponge, sweet and sugary fillings and buttery smooth vanilla icing and that's exactly what Yankee Candle's Vanilla Cupcake scent smells like", says Senior Writer, Rosie Floyd. "The perfect scent for any space where you want to create a warm and welcoming environment, such as your kitchen."

Our favourite Vanilla Cupcake product

Yankee Candle Vanilla Cupcake Jar CandleYankee Candle/Amazon

Rrp: $30.19

Price: $27.99
Alternative retailers$20.99View offer
Walmart$26.14View offer

One for lovers of sweet scents, you can fill your home with the smell of freshly baked cupcakes for up to 150 hours with the large jar candle.

Spiced Orange

Spiced Orange is Stephanie Spencer, Hub Editor for Yours, go-to Yankee Candle scent: "It's a cosy scent that also has a citrus lift to it - I love it in my living room, it's my ritual to light a scented candle in the evening before settling down to make the room feel homely and snug. The ginger and spices give it a festive Christmassy feel, but the orange is lovely and sunny, and I adore citrus scents, so I will happily have this on the go all year round, it's definitely a repeat purchase for me!"

Our favourite Spiced Orange product

Yankee Candle Spiced Orange Jar CandleYankee Candle/Amazon

Rrp: $23.71

Price: $18.51

Spiced orange may be a slightly more wintery scent but we think it's nice for adding cosiness and warmth to your home throughout the year.

Baby Powder

For a scent that evokes warmth, safety and tranquillity, consider Baby Powder for your next Yankee Candle scent. If you could bottle this smell of a newborn baby, this would be it. Sweet vanilla, clean talc and gentle florals come together to create a calming and comforting fragrance that will instantly help to create a relaxing ambience in any room.

Our favourite Baby Powder product

Yankee Candle Baby Powder Jar CandleYankee Candle/Amazon

Rrp: $48.08

Price: $31.86

With a subtle and light fragrance, we think this candle would be a great gift for anyone who has recently welcomed a little bundle of joy into their home.

Cinnamon Stick

Infuse your living room or kitchen with the rich and spiced aroma of cinnamon with the Cinnamon Stick scent by Yankee Candle. Of course, it has pure cinnamon as the main notes but with hints of cardamom, bayleaf and cloves too, it creates a fragrance that is warm and inviting with plenty of depth. Perfect for creating a welcoming and festive atmosphere in your home, whatever time of year.

Our favourite Cinnamon Stick product

Yankee Candle Cinnamon Stick Wax MeltYankee Candle

Simply pop this Yankee Candle Cinnamon Stick Wax Melt into a burner and the aromas of spicy yet sweet cinnamon combined with close will fill your room in no time.

Fluffy Towels

Not a lot beats the smell of freshly washed and dried towels and thanks to Yankee Candle scent, Fluffy Towels, you can enjoy it without the chore of doing the laundry first. To achieve that 'fresh out the tumble dryer' scent, Fluffy Towels brings together notes of lemon, apple, lavender and lily. Whether you light a candle in the living room or let a reed diffuser work its magic in your bathroom, Fluffy Towels will make any living space feel clean, comfortable and inviting.

Our favourite Fluffy Towels product

Yankee Candle Fluffy Towels Reed DiffuserYankee Candle
Price: £15.65 (was £21.99)

With the fragrance oil sitting in a lovely glass with a wooden lid, the Yankee Candle Fluffy Towels Reed Diffuser will be a stylish addition to your home décor while also filling it with a clean and crisp scent.

Black Cherry

Juicy, vibrant and bold are words we’d use to describe the Yankee Candle scent Black Cherry. Blending the sweetness of cherry with a subtle hint of almond, this fragrance offers sugariness and tartness in equal measure. For those who love delightfully sweet, fruity flavours, this one will be a winner and will give rooms an inviting yet lively feel.

Our favourite Black Cherry product

Yankee Candle ScentPlug Starter Kit,Yankee Candle/Amazon

Keep your room at home filled with an air of fruity, sweetness for up to 30 days with the Yankee Candle ScentPlug Starter Kit and Black Cherry Plug-In. It has three intensity settings so you can choose how strong or subtle you want the scent to be.

Midsummer's Night

For those who prefer to fill their homes with more musky smells, give this Yankee Candle scent, Midsummer’s Night a try. With earthy and somewhat masculine notes of musk, patchouli and sage with a touch of mahogany and citrus, this fragrance feels rich and luxurious and will remind you of warm summer evenings enjoying everything the great outdoors has to offer.

Our favourite Midsummer's Night product

Yankee Candle Midsummer's Night Jar CandleYankee Candle/Amazon

A sophisticated musky fragrance, the Midsummer’s Night Yankee Candle will create a tranquil and cosy ambience in whatever room you light it in, but we think this would be especially nice in a living room.

Pink Sands

When you smell the scent of Pink Sands, you’ll be instantly transported to an island paradise where you’ll feel the warm breeze in the air and hot sand underneath your feet. It’s sweet and fruity with aromas of zesty citrus, lush florals and sweet vanilla to create an exotic and refreshing fragrance. That’s why it’s one of our favourites for making our homes feel vibrant yet tranquil.

Our favourite Pink Sand product

Yankee Candle Pink Sands Jar CandleYankee Candle/Amazon
Price: $23.50
Alternative retailers$20.29View offer
Walmart$21.99View offer
Kohl's$24.79View offer
Macy's$26.49View offer

The Pink Sands Yankee Candle is an exotic escape in a jar. With notes of citrus, florals and vanilla, your home will feel like a tropical paradise when you’ve got this candle lit.

Fresh Cut Roses

Last but not least, we have the Fresh Cut Roses Yankee Candle scent which captures the essence of walking through a garden in full bloom. Combining notes of delicate rose petals, green leafy accents and a hint of powdery musk. It will make your home feel fresh and inviting with this beautiful natural scent.

Our favourite Fresh Cut Roses product

Yankee Candle Fresh Cut Roses Jar CandleYankee Candle/Amazon
Price: $34.61

If you were thinking about buying a friend a bunch of roses as a gift, why not consider this Fresh Cut Roses Yankee Candle instead? It will fill their home with the same freshness and beautiful aroma of a bouquet of roses but will last for up to 75 hours instead!


Which is the best Yankee Candle scent?

The best Yankee Candle scent will ultimately all come down to your personal taste. What scent one person may like in their home, another might not be able to stand. If you like clean, fresh scents, opt for Clean Cotton or Fluffy Towels but if you prefer warmer, spicier scents, consider something like Spiced Orange or Cinnamon Stick. For lovers of sweet smells, we think Yankee Candle scents like Vanilla Cupcake or Black Cherry might be your favourite.

Which Yankee Candles last the longest?

Which Yankee Candle scent lasts the longest will depend on what product you choose. Their large jar candles burn between 110-150 hours, their medium jar candles for 65-75 hours and their smaller jar candles from 20 hours up to 30 hours. Yankee Candle reed diffuses keep their fragrance for up to eight weeks whereas for Yankee Candle plug-ins, the scent can last up to 30 days but this will of course depend on what intensity setting you use it on.

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