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by Stephanie Anthony |

Make fresh sparkling water just the way you like it in seconds. With dozens of flavours and customisable options, staying hydrated with SodaStream is better for you, and better for the planet. We gave the Sodastream Spirit a go, to see if it really is as sparkling as it sounds!

Sodastream spirit


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Save money, save a sea turtle. For each sparkling water maker sold during April, Sodastream will be making a donation to Buy the hydration pack with additional bottles and flavours, and a 30 day risk free trial (only available at SodaStream Official UK Store). (Please note, flavours and bottle designs may vary)

Sodastream Spirit overview

The Spirit Classic is a compact cordless design with a snap lock easy bottle insertion mechanism. Modern and timeless, this sparkling water maker is an understated addition to any kitchen counter. The simple to use manual carbonation means you can create sparkling water in an instant, as well as a wide range of sodas. Spirit is available in a range of colours, so you can get one that best fits your style – plus there’s a 30 day risk-free trial.

The Starter pack is £49.99 which includes the sparkling water maker, carbonating cylinder and a 1L bottle. The Hydration pack is £69.99 for which you get an additional 1L bottle, two 0.5 litre bottles and 2 soda flavours.

Both come with free shipping and two year warranty. With 2163 reviews on their site and an average of 4.7 stars, Sodastream is a recommended brand not only for the products themselves but also their customer service.

A new CO2 gas cylinder costs £12.99 – although you will be charged £22.99 and then refunded £10 on return of your current gas cylinder. This makes great sense as it will actually encourage people to return their cylinders rather than disposing of them in the rubbish.

Key features

• Turns tap water into sparkling water in seconds

• Makes up to 60 litres

• Includes CO2 Cylinder

• Includes Carbonating Bottle (1L with starter pack, 2x 1L and 500ml with hydration pack)

• Quiet carbonation

Testing the Sodastream Spirit

One of my friends purchased a Sodastream a few years ago and while I was intrigued, I just didn’t think I’d get enough use out of one to justify having it in my house. Roll on three weeks of testing the Sodastream Spirit and yes, I’m still using it on a daily basis.

The ability to create something a bit more interesting than tap water, without adding any sugar from cordials or squash is brilliant. It’s just carbonated water, but I find it so much tastier than tap and I love knowing that I’m not putting any extra sugars into my body.

We received the Hydration pack, so two 1L bottles and two 500ml bottles. The little ones come in really handy for my partner to take to work – he’s really been enjoying the Kombucha cordial that was sent along with old fashioned lemonade. He’s already got through the Kombucha in fact!

Having the option of adding syrups is great, so even if you’re not a fan of sparkling water I’d still recommend having a Sodastream. We had an impromptu cocktail afternoon using the lemonade and it was lovely - we don’t tend to have fizzy drinks in the house, aside from tonic water, but the option to create them on demand is great! I was impressed by the range of syrups and cordials you can purchase too, they even sell even brands such as Pepsi and 7UP so you can create your favourites at home.

using Sodastream

Regarding usability, It’s so easy to set up – when it arrives you just pop the gas canister in the back of the machine and it’s ready to go. I love the colour options, we went for Icy Blue and it’s a cheerful pop of colour on the kitchen counter. We also have quite a small kitchen, so I was concerned about how much counter space this would take up, but it’s so compact I don’t even notice it. The design is stylish and sleek, it fits right in like it’s been there forever.

When you want fizzy water, you just fill up the bottle from the tap, pop it under the nozzle until it clicks, then press the button on top (we find four or five strong presses makes a good amount of bubbles) then it’s ready to drink. I fill up one of the larger bottles and have it ready in the fridge, the fizz keeps pretty well.

As well as the taste, design and ease of use, Sodastream comes with multiple benefits to our planet. By 2025, SodaStream will eliminate 67 billion single-use plastic bottles from our planet, so we don’t have to go looking for a new one. One 1L sodastream bottle equates to 1,282 plastic bottles over its lifetime (3 years). So you’re saving on landfill, and saving the oceans too from plastic pollution. Sodastream also recycle their CO2 carbonating cylinders, further contributing to minimising harmful waste.

I haven’t used up the cylinder yet so can’t comment on the ease of returning this and receiving a new one, but from what I’ve seen on the website it is a seamless process. You can set up an annual plan, or just order the cylinders as and when you run out. I’m assuming I’ll be able to reuse the packaging from the new cylinder to send back the empty one, so you don’t even have to worry about finding a box to send it in.

How does the Sodastream Spirit compare to previous versions?

Sodastream do another couple of sparkling water makers, but Spirit is the only cordless version. Here’s how the products compare:

sodastream table

How does the Sodastream Spirit compare to rival products?

I’ve not used other carbonated water makers, but I have to say for the price, reputation and their green credentials Sodastream is hard to beat.

Final thoughts

If like me you’ve been holding off buying a Sodastream for fears of whether it would be a gimmick that would end up shoved to the back of a kitchen cupboard – fear not – I’ve been surprised how much I’ve used the Sodastream, honestly it gets used at least once a day.

If you like sparkling water or sodas, it’s well worth the purchase. Plus you have the knowledge that you’re saving on plastic use.

Full Product Specs

CO2 drinks yield - Makes up to 60 litres

CO2 included - Yes

Carbonating bottle sizes: 1L and 500ml

Box contents - SodaStream Spirit Sparkling Water Maker - 1 litre carbonating bottle - 60 litre gas cylinder

Dimensions: 430 x 130 x 200 mm (H x W x D)

Weight: 2.09 kg

Manufacturer’s guarantee: 2 years

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