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Follow our top tips to make moving home less stressful.

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by Emily Gilbert |

The stress surrounding moving is often the worst part of the process. From organisation to packing, to ensuring everything is where it needs to be, moving is rarely anyone’s favourite thing to do. Whether you tend to move around a lot, or this is your first time, moving house can cause unnecessary stress and anxiety.

Fortunately, while moving house is always going to be a lengthy process, there are a few tips and tricks to make the move less stressful and more enjoyable. With the help of We Buy Any House, we’ve compiled ten tips for things to do when moving house, to make the process that little bit smoother and improve your move.


Packing is already an extremely time-consuming process, so why make it even more difficult by packing unwanted items? Think of your new home as a fresh start and leave clutter behind. Decluttering will allow you to pack more efficiently and take the things you genuinely need into your new home.

Book a removals company

Preparation is key. After you’ve packed and got all your belongings ready, it would be a worst-case scenario to realise you don’t have a removals company booked. It’s a small task that can massively impact the moving transition. Ensuring you call up and book a removal company in advance will be one less thing to worry about.

Create an inventory

Creating an inventory helps you to remember where all your items are throughout the moving journey. It’s a great way to keep an eye on sentimental or expensive items and ensure that the process goes smoothly for everyone involved. If your removal company is hired to pack your belongings, then they may be able to create an inventory for you - so it's something worth considering.

couple moving house

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Moving house is a huge task- for anyone. Lots of helping hands are needed to save extra work and hassle. If you’ve got a few trusted people who can help - take advantage. It will make the packing and loading process a lot easier and reduce the feelings of stress you would have if you were doing it alone.

Clean up before you move In

Before you arrive at the new place with a mammoth number of boxes, it’s a good idea to head over to the property and clean up. Making sure the place is clean, whether that’s done by yourself, or professional cleaners, will make your moving journey a lot easier and cleaning the house on the day of moving will be one less thing to worry about.


Self-storage is a lifesaver when it comes to moving house. Approaching the moving process bit-by-bit is a lot easier and gives you time to unpack properly - and this is where self-storage can help. By hiring a self-storage unit, you can leave the non-essential things in there and collect them later when your house appears to be a bit more organised.

Label boxes

Perhaps the simplest yet overlooked hack is to label boxes. Labelling them properly, in terms of contents and the room they belong in, will make organising your new home a lot quicker. It will save you the hassle of opening each box to then move it to its dedicated room.

Set deadlines

Setting deadlines is an effective way to make sure that you keep to time frames and ensure that everything is done in time for moving. This can range from setting a deadline to update details, sort removal companies, give notice to your employers, and packing.

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Dismantle in advance

Dismantling larger pieces of furniture such as a bed or a chest of drawers can take longer than expected. Opting to dismantle the furniture and reassemble in your new place is definitely a time saver, as it makes it easier to move furniture around your home and into the removal van.

Leave Out children and pets

Moving day is often super chaotic. From running around your own home ensuring everything is running smoothly, to being the chief organiser and trying to remember important details - children and pets can be an unnecessary distraction.

To avoid pets getting in the way, in addition to children or grandchildren running around, or complaining that they're bored, a tip for this is to ask a relative (or relatives) to sit them for a day - at least until you're in the new place, the van has gone, and you’ve got the kettle on.

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