Make a syringe driver bag


by Lorna White |

A syringe driver is a small portable battery-powered machine, about the size of a pencil case, which administers a continuous dose of painkiller or other medication. They are commonly used by terminally ill cancer patients. Making a brightly coloured washable bag to hold the driver is a great way to allow patients to move about easier and to cover the clinical-looking drivers with cheerful fabric.

You will need:

2.pieces of different coloured/patterned washable fabric, each measuring 60x25cm (24x10in)

1.long piece of washable fabric (the same colour/pattern as one of the above) for the strap, measuring 140x12cm (55x5in)


  1. Take the long piece of fabric for your strap and fold in the edges about 2cm (¾in) on all sides and iron.
  1. Fold in half down the length so that the right side is on the outside and it forms a strap about 5cm (2in) wide.
  1. Sew the open edges across the top, down the length and at the bottom of the strap. Put to one side.
  1. With right sides together, sew down the length, across one width and up the other length of the 60cmx25cm (23x8in) pieces of fabric to form a bag (like a pillowcase). Leaving a 2cm (5/8in) seam around the edge.
  1. Turn the bag the right way round. You may wish to iron it at this stage. The bag will be about 58cmx21cm (23inx8in).
  1. Fold the open edge in and sew across the top creating one long piece of fabric, with no seams.
  1. Fold the whole fabric in half so you have four layers of fabric. Your bag will now have two separate compartments.
  1. Sew from the fold to the opening on each side of the bag. The contrast of fabric on the inside should show on the outside like ‘piping’.
  1. Sew the strap onto the sides of the bag, opening up the ‘piping’. Make sure that the strap is not twisted when sewing it on to the other side.
  1. Finally, put a label with ‘Handmade by ......(your first name).

These bags can’t be transferred from one person to another because of the risk of infection so they are constantly in demand

Where to send:

Donate your syringe bags to your local hospice. It’s always best to call ahead to make sure they accept them.

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