Best terrarium plants for your own indoor garden

Create a beautiful indoor display with our selection of the best terrarium plants.

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by Marina Avraam |

If you're looking for a way to elevate your interiors, plants are always the best way to go. Not only can they add some life to your space, but certain types of indoor plants are also great purifiers, removing toxins from your environment. Also, gardening is known to provide stress relief, and can also reduce the risk of stroke.

That being said, if you're low on floor space or simply want a change from the classic cheese plant, then it might be time to consider a terrarium. Terrariums can be placed on tabletops, are low-maintenance and depending on the terrarium plant, can thrive in bright, medium or low-light conditions.

What is a terrarium?

A terrarium is essentially a miniature greenhouse, housing small plants in a sealed or open container. Closed terrariums are self-sufficient ecosystems, and create an incredibly unique environment for plant growth.

How do terrariums work?

Thanks to the transparent walls, closed terrariums allow for both warmth and light to enter, leading to a small scale water cycle. The sun causes moisture to evaporate from the plants, leading to vapour being collected onto the walls, which then drips down into the soil - and there you have it, a mini-ecosystem.

What plans are suitable for terrariums?

When it comes to closed terrariums, moisture-loving plants are the best choice. We're talking ferns, mosses and mini orchids. Open terrariums, on the other hand, require drier environments, the best examples being succulents and air plants

To help you on your journey of building your very own indoor garden, we've listed the best terrarium plants for both closed and open terrariums. Shop our top choices below.

How long can a plant live in a terrarium?

Given the right conditions, terrariums can live for years. Factors such as poor lighting, overwatering or poor choice of plants can all lead to a shorter lifespan.

Do you have to water terrariums?

Yes. It's important to remember that although terrariums require less watering than your usual indoor plants, they still need to be watered every so often. We recommend watering once a month to every six weeks, depending on how the soil looks.

Can I make my own terrarium?

If you have a knack for DIY, then we highly recommend getting to work to make your very own terrarium. If you need some help, we love this guide by Kew Gardens which outlines everything you need to build your very own miniature garden.

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