iGel Mattress: price and review

Find out more about this range of mattresses that use a gel layer to help regulate your temperature at night.

iGel Advance 2000 Mattress

by Lorna White |

iGel is a collection of mattresses, beds and bedding produced exclusively for Benson for Beds. The iGel mattresses are a particularly popular pick for people looking to change their mattresses.

iGel's Graphene technology works by absorbing excess heat when you are too hot or releasing stored heat when you are too cold – helping keep you comfortable all night long. Graphene is also chemical-free, meaning it’s much safer and better for the environment, too.

The memory technology in iGel gently soothes away pressure points by contouring to your unique shape so that your weight is distributed evenly, while also promoting a naturally healthy body alignment."

iGel mattress specifications

iGel™ Advance beaded gel for pressure relief, helping relieve aches and pains

iGel™ Graphene technology provides 7 times better heat transfer

Antibacterial and hypoallergenic

Contains second life textiles and 100 per cent recycled PET

Handles on all sides to aid rotation

Free full 10-year guarantee

How much does an iGel mattress cost?

The price of an iGel mattress ranges from £719 to £1,199.

Who are iGel mattresses suitable for?

For those who experience aches and pains, iGel claims their mattresses are the best for pressure relief as they soothe bodies by preventing the hips and shoulders from sinking too deeply into the mattress. The mattresses are also great for those of us who get too hot at night thanks to their temperature regulating material.

iGel mattresses aren't cheap, so it's unlikely you'd want to splurge on one for your guest bedroom. If the optimum sleeping environment is a high priority for you, you might want to consider an iGel mattress.

Choosing an iGel mattress

Just like when it comes to buying any new mattress, the best way to work out which is the best one for you is by trying them out in person before making that big purchase.

As well as offering different colourways, iGel has mattresses with a range of firmness ratings including medium and firm. They also offer a free full 10-year guarantee to ensure you are completely happy.

iGel Pegasus review

Here's how our tester got on with their iGel mattress...

As a menopausal woman, I have been able to give the temperature-control technology in the iGel™ Pegasus mattress a very thorough test and I'm happy to say it has passed with flying colours.

I've been suffering for months with terrible night sweats (waking me up every hour) and had been dreading the idea of trying to sleep in the heat of summer. I admit was skeptical that the iGel™ Pegasus mattress could really be effective at keeping me cool but in desperation I agreed to give it a go and I couldn't be more impressed – for the past week I've had the best sleep I've had in years.

As soon as you lie on on the iGel™ Pegasus mattress you can feel it subtly adjust to your body temperature. It feels cool rather than cold against your skin (akin to the refreshing feeling of turning your pillow over in the night).

In terms of comfort I can't fault it either. With just the right degree of firmness the memory technology moulds to your body and supports it without feeling you're being engulfed by it.

The iGel™ Pegasus mattress is well constructed with 1,800 pocket springs encased inside a protective foam wall and is Anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and hypo-allergenic friendly.

I do have two very small criticisms. Because it's so well made the mattress is heavy to manoeuvre and there are no handles which did make it difficult to lift into position. Also it's very deep, so if you use fitted sheets you may have to buy yourself a supply of extra deep ones to ensure a good fit.

Overall I'd heartily recommend the iGel™ Pegasus mattress for a quality (and cool) night's sleep.

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