Hypnos Orthos Origins 7 Mattress


by Stephanie Anthony |

We test out the Orthos Origins 7 Mattress from Hypnos, to see if we think it’s worth the investment…

A handcrafted, firmer feel pocket sprung mattress made with responsibly sourced materials – perfect for sleep, better for the environment.

Each individual pocket spring inside this firm double-sided mattress, adjusts to follow the contours of the body, allowing the generous layers of natural wool and cotton to provide cushioned support.

Hypnos Orthos Origins 7 Mattress overview

The Orthos Origins 7 features ReActive™ 7-turn pocket springs and is genuinely hand side-stitched for total body support. Each mattress contains two fleeces of responsibly sourced British wool, traceable to Red Tractor assured farms and fairly traded through The Woolkeepers® initiative, combined with a cotton comfort pad.

As part of the Origins collection, it has a beautiful unbleached cotton and linen sleep surface, free of chemicals, to help keep you cool and dry.


• Lightweight

 Professional delivery

• Firmer feel


• Price point may be above some budgets

Hypnos also provide options to a create a custom bed with luxury aesthetics and practicality.

The beds are completely made to measure, for standard or bespoke sizes or shapes. Choose a deep or shallow divan base, a designer headboard and preferred upholstery fabric, in your favourite colour and texture. Add convenient storage and space saving options and even a luxurious Hypnos bedding set.

Hypnos side on

Testing the Hypnos Orthos Origins 7 Mattress

Our reviewers Lorraine and Paul put the Orthos Origins 7 mattress to the test. Here’s how they got on…

I would highly recommend this product, I have no hesitation in giving it 5 stars. It was made exactly to our specifications, a nice firm mattress. We were given an hour slot when the mattress should arrive and the product was delivered exactly on time. The two delivery men were very polite and friendly and even took the mattress upstairs for us and put it on the bed. We had already moved our old mattress so it was all ready for them, but I was glad to not have to carry the new one up the stairs.

We previously purchased a Hypnos mattress 15 years ago and found it to be very comfortable so we were very happy to replace it with a new Hypnos mattress.

We were slightly nervous about having a new mattress as my husband can struggle on mattresses that are too soft, and wake up with severe back pain - in fact on a recent trip he ended up having to sleep on the sofa. Hence the time it has taken for us to get a new one! When we were offered the opportunity to test this one we jumped at the chance, as we have had a Hypnos before we knew that their tailored process would work well for us, as we could choose a firmer mattress.

Lots of the new hybrid or memory foam mattresses are far too soft, and they seem to be very popular these days so it can be hard to find a quality pocket sprung mattress. Hypnos have so many options so were able to recommend the product that would work best for us. We have been sleeping on the bed for over 3 weeks now and have found it to be very comfortable. The mattress is also breathable and made of natural materials so is nice and cool to sleep on.

As well as being extremely comfortable I found the mattress is a lot lighter in weight than our previous Hypnos mattress so it is much easier to make the bed and turn the mattress. We would always choose Hypnos because the mattresses are very comfortable and made in the UK to very high standards.

Hypnos close up top

Full specifications for the Hypnos Orthos Origins 7 Mattress

• ReActive™ 7-turn, high quality pocket springs engineered for total body support and supreme comfort.

• Two fleeces* (4.2kg) of high-quality British wool, responsibly-sourced and traceable to Red Tractor assured farms, fairly traded through The Woolkeepers™ initiative. (*per king size mattress)

• Cotton layers - Responsibly sourced cotton fibres provide natural moisture management.

• Cotton and linen chemical-free cover. A luxurious, breathable sleep surface, woven from responsibly-sourced, unbleached cotton and linen. Safe and fire resistant without the use of FR chemicals.

• 2 rows of side-stitching to create a smart, well-tailored border, traditionally and carefully hand-stitched to ensure a firm supportive border.

• Traditionally hand-tufted with wool tufts to secure mattress fillings in their correct position and stop fillings moving or going lumpy.

• Chrome vents to aid breathability for mattress fillings.

• Protective eco-packaging made from plant-based ethanol and fully recyclable.

• Horizontal padded handles for easy positioning of the mattress on the divan.

• 100% recyclable - all elements of your bed can be recycled, avoiding landfill.

• Mattress height: 25cm

• Mattress weight: 50kg (king size)

• Single tension only.

• Seasonal turn.

• 10 year guarantee.

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