21 innovative home office ideas to boost your productivity

Here are some home office design and decor ideas to keep your workspace a happy space.

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by Ellen Kinsey |

More and more people now work from home due to the current pandemic and our digitalised world, but how do you make sure your working room is an inviting space?

Whether you have a dedicated room for work or share with another person - here are some practical and creative tips on how to make your home office into a welcoming room.

Check out our guide below on how to keep your workspace efficient, personal and productive.

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21 Home office ideas

changing the bulb
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When choosing what bulbs to place into your lamps consider getting bulbs that give off a white light. White light is proven to improve your productivity whilst a yellow-tinged light can make you feel sleepy and less productive. Light bulbs such as this Eco energy saving light bulb gives off a white hue.

plants on desk
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Bring your office to life with little plants, flowers and succulents. Scatter some greenery into the room and it will give the room a refreshing ambience.A peace lily is a great choice of desk plant as it also helps to clean the air in the room.

two person office
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If you share your working space, try to think about how you can strategically accommodate two people in the room. If you work together you can arrange your desks to become one cohesive unit or place them together, so you are facing each other.If working individually, maybe find a way you can place the desks in the room to separate your workspace, such as in opposite corners of the room or using a privacy screen or curtain.

space heater
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During the winter months, you may feel a little chilly in certain rooms which can lead to you feeling uncomfortable and unproductive. Get a space heater like this ASSCA portable space heater and warm up your office in just a few seconds.

accented walls
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Create a focal point in the room by using one of the walls as an accent wall. A pop of colour with hues like teal and orange will brighten the room or go for a faux brick wall for a trendy edge. When you walk into the room and see this space, it will draw you in and make your space feel inviting. This red brick wallpaper from The Range will give your room a trendy loft style.

desk stand
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If you spend the whole day sitting at your workspace, consider looking for a desk that can be raised into a standing desk. Studies have shown that switching positions throughout the day can decrease neck and back pain and lower blood pressure.

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Cut down on scrap-paper, get a chalkboard or whiteboard to write down your ideas and to-do-lists. This is also a nice way to make your office space more playful.

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By keeping everything from books, storage boxes or files on your bookshelf this will allow you to keep a clean and clutter-free working area.Storage boxes such as these dark grey ones from IKEA are a great way to maximise storage but still make your bookshelf look nice.

matching rugs and curtains
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Coordinate some statement pieces like rugs and curtains with the same pattern or hue and it will instantly give the space a stylish look.You could pair this statement black and white rug from IKEA with white or black curtains!

office sofa
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Sometimes you need a space in your office to de-stress or even a new corner to work in. Add different working spaces to your room and it can help you feel like you are in a new environment. Just because it's an office doesn't mean you need to skimp out on comfort.This lovely blue sofa works as a place to relax and a statement piece in your home office.

low shelves and high shelves
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You can extend your desk by adding a shelf at eye level to your workstation. This will give you more space if you have a small desk to add stationery, photographs or storage. … Or try high shelves If you are looking for some small home office ideas, consider placing high shelving above your workspace. By doing this it will give you enough room to store books, trinkets and decorative items.A desk shelf like this one from Amazon is a great way to keep your desk organised.

face the window
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By placing your desk to face the window you can soak up the natural light which in turn can make you feel more energised. Also, when you are on video conferences this light is the most flattering as you will not be over-exposed by the light coming in from behind you.

make it cosy
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Your office doesn't need to be a sterile space. Of course, working from the comfort of your bed will not be the most productive area, but don't be afraid to add comfy pillows and blankets to your working space. Making it somewhere you feel warm, cosy and at ease will help you to de-stress you when working. A cosy and attractive throw will be a nice addition to you and your desk chair.

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Keep your home office minimalistic with clean-cut furniture and accents. Pair up a white desk with a wooden antique chair and some simple paintings and decorations can help you keep focused and productive.These scandinvian inspired hanging wooden shelves have a nice minimalist design,

kitchen desk
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If you do not have a separate space to use as a home office, pave yourself your own working space in another room, for example, the kitchen. Find a nook and decorate and organise it as your working den and you will feel at home and concentrated.A sweet little stationary holder would be a nice addition to your desk and help you to keep all your things in one place.

table top
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You can get creative when deciding what desk to get and make your own. For example, you could take two Ikea dressers, paint them in your desired colour and buy a tabletop. Lay this over the dressers and you have yourself a stylish desk.You can buy the tabletops without legs, for example this BEKANT tabletop from Ikea.

prints and patterns
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Make your office space your place to work! Whether it be in the bedroom, kitchen. office or living room, don't be afraid to experiment with different patterns to keep your space personal. Hang prints on the wall against statement wallpaper or select interesting stationary. Give the room a touch of you.Cushions such as this embroided cover from H&M is a great way to keep things personal.

long desk
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If you have space, why not utilise it with a long desk. Having a long desktop will give you space to store items, collaborate with others and separate your tasks.IKEA have many long customisable desks.

vibrant pieces
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Bring a pop of colour into your office. If you have an office with white walls, decorate the room with vibrant furniture, art or stationery.These colourful nordic style artworks are a great way to give the room a pop of colour.

desk chair
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The chair is one of the most important aspects of the home office. In order to be productive, you need to be able to sit comfortably. If you suffer from back pain, put comfort first and invest in a suitable and comfortable desk chair like this COMHOMA Office Desk Chair.

home gallery
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Dedicate one wall of your home office to artwork and photos. Surround yourself with inspiring and personal prints, photos and artwork will give the room a touch of personal flair.The Range have a collection of reasonably priced photo frames so you can build your personal art gallery

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