10 ideas for the front porch for a warm welcome

Give the right first impression with these stylish front porch ideas for your home.

blue and red front porch

by Lorna White |

If you’re looking for some ideas for the front porch to create a beautiful entrance to your home, then you’ve come to the right place. A front porch provides the first impression to your house, so it's no wonder you’re probably keen for it to look a certain way.

Nowadays, the front porch is more than just a practical space to dump your dirty shoes or thermal wellies, as it’s also become a place where people relax and socialise.

There’s so many easy ways you can transform your front porch too, from adding a new lick of paint to the front door, to buying some beautiful hanging basket plants. Here, we round up 10 front porch ideas, so you can add a new lease of life to your own. If you don't have a front porch and have a balcony instead, make sure you check out our balcony garden ideas, so it can also look pretty.

1. Add a splash of colour to your front door

It’s such an easy front porch idea that can instantly inject new life and personality into your home. Bright, bold colours, such as blue, red, green and yellow can look particularly pretty. However, muted, pastel colours, such as nudes, pinks and cotswold green have also become very popular.

2. Fill it with florals

Whether it’s indoor plants or outdoor, they can brighten up any space that they’re put in. Climbing plants are particularly great for front porches, as they can grow prettily up your wall and around your door. Climbing roses look particularly pretty, as well as Chinese wisteria and virginia creeper.

3. Create a place to relax

You may want your porch to be a place where you can kick back and rewind, especially if you don’t have a garden. Adding a swing seat allows you to do just that, especially in the summer months, and it can look aesthetically pleasing too.

4. Hang some hanging baskets

Hanging baskets are a brilliant way to add some florals to your front porch, especially if you lack the space for potted plants. Their height will make your front door instantly look intriguing and catch your visitors eye immediately.

front porch ideas hanging basket-min

5. Give contrasting colours a go

If your house is suitable to do so, as well as adding some colour to your front door you could also add some to the walls of your home too. Contrasting colours will really make your porch pop, or some more muted and minimalistic (like the below) can add a modern feel.

6. Include a rocking chair

If you don’t have space for a swinging chair then how about a rocking chair? You can place it neatly in a corner near to you door and accessories it with a throw and cushion to make it look cosy.

7. Add some funky flooring

Why not spruce up the walkway to your porch? Aztec and pretty printed tiles is one easy way to style up your front porch and add a touch of funk without doing much else to it.

8. Hang up some fairy lights

Fairy lights aren't just for Christmas time. They can look lovely in the warmer months too and add a sprinkle of magic to your front porch. They're also inexpensive, making it an accessible idea for your front porch front porch idea for everyone. Check out our roundup of the best solar lights.

front porch ideas fairy lights-min

9. Bring the indoors, out

Draws, chairs and carpets don't have to be kept hidden indoors—why not bring them out into the open on your front porch? It's a bold move, but if done creatively and carefully (like below), then it can look very cool. It's probably best for porches with quite a bit of shelter, just in case it rains.

10. Keep it simple

You are not obliged to have an extravagant porch, as it can be rather pricey to do it up. We love this front porch idea below which just keeps things very simple and clean looking with a welcome sign, one plant, a bench and a wreath. Remember, sometimes less is more.

What is a front porch?

A front porch is a structure attached to the exterior of a house, often to provide shelter and create a covered entrance. British porches and US porches differ slightly. British porches were popular during the Victorian era; they were smaller and designed for protection against bad weather. You'd often find them on wealthier houses too. US front porches originate from the early 1900s. They're more of an extension attached to the front of the house and were very popular in neighbourhoods, as people would sit and chat on them when visiting friends.

How can I make a front porch look nice?

There's lots of ways to spruce up your front porch. The easiest (and most affordable option) is adding a fresh lick of brightly coloured paint to your door. It will instantly brighten up your porch and make it look a lot more inviting. Plants are another budget-friendly option and you don't have to be 'too precise' with where you place them either. A lot of the best-looking porches featuring plants can feel as if they haven't had too much thought put into it, giving them a more creative feel.

If the weather allows it, or you have quite a significantly sheltered porch, then layering up your porch with cosy chairs, rugs and throws can create a special socialising space for friends and family. You could even change accessories, such as pillows and throws, seasonally too so that your porch constantly looks and feels 'refreshed'.

Outdoor lighting can also make your porch look pretty. From floor lanterns to fairy lights and even candles, all of these can create a cosy, inviting atmosphere.

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