10 best toasters in the UK: tried and tested

Whatever your requirements for your toast, we’ve found the best toasters right now.

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Finding the best toaster for your kitchen doesn't have to be a tricky task. And yet, in the UK, it seems like we have too many choices. We're here to help lessen the load, so you'll be replacing your beloved toaster in no time. You'll be back to enjoying warm, freshly toasted bread in the mornings, no matter your spread of choice. Whether you're a one-slicer or like to push the boat out with two, we've got you covered.

In our round-up, we've handpicked a wide range of toasters for you to choose from. Only the best two and four-slice toasters have been picked, respectively, to cater to your needs as a household. Are you grazers – or are you toast fanatics? Plus, we've sprinkled in some of our favourite toastie makers for all of you grilled cheese lovers and matching kettle and toaster sets for those after a coordinated look in the kitchen.

Best toasters UK at a glance

Our favourite: De'Longhi Luminosa Four-Slot Toaster
Best four-slice toaster: Cookworks Pyramid 4 Slice Toaster - Almond
Best kettle and toaster set: Russell Hobbs Inspire White Kettle and Toaster Set
Best two-slice toaster: Tower Bottega 2 Slice Stainless Steel Toaster - White and Rose Gold

Before you get started, there are a few things to consider. Namely, the number of slots suitable for your household and the features worth having. Most toasters come equipped with reheat, defrost and cancel functions, but you may appreciate high-lift, so you're not dangerously fishing your freshly cooked toast out of the slots at breakfast, or bread-type settings if you're partial to other treats, such as a bagel or a slice of rye bread. You can find out more in our FAQs section further below.

Best toasters UK: tried and tested

Four-slice toasters

First, we have four-slice toasters, which are equipped to handle toast lovers and larger households.

Best for a sleek, polished finish

Russell Hobbs Midnight Blue Stainless Steel Four Slice Toaster
Price: £75.41
Alternative retailers
JD Williams£76.99View offer
Wayfair UK£79.68View offer


Sleek never looked better. Russell Hobb's best-selling four-slicer comes in this moody Midnight


  • Efficient and stylish
  • Smart features
  • Variable browning function


  • More grey and blue

Best two-slice toaster

Tower Bottega 2 Slice Toaster 800W
Price: £26 (was £40)



With a self-centring function for even toasting, this stylish white and rose gold two-slice


  • Tidy cord storage
  • Adjustable controls
  • Stylish and practical


  • Little small

Our favourite


Convenient and intuitive, this Lumiosa electric toaster from De'Longhi is tasteful, and cooks


  • Rich matelassé finish
  • Integrated controls
  • Has a matching kettle


  • The extra lift could be higher

Best four-slice toaster


Cook up your toasted favourites with this Cookworks four-slicer, which comes in several styles. We


  • Independent slot operation
  • High-lift function
  • Wide, adjustable slots


  • Can get really hot
  • Crumb tray can leak

Best for a pop of retro


If you're looking for a pop of retro, we love this Dunelm four-slicer. Not only is it surprisingly


  • Stunning design
  • Has high-lift facility
  • Removable crumb tray


  • Large toaster

Best budget four-slice toaster


Perfect for busy families, we like this Spectrum Brushed Stainless Steel Four-Slice Toaster. It


  • Good value four-slice toaster
  • Compact and stylish
  • Quick and user-friendly


  • Not too sturdy

Two-slice toasters

Ideal for a smaller household, we recommend a two-slice toaster. You won't be compromising on quality, either.

Best premium two-slice toaster


We love this 'A Bit More' two-slice toaster from Sage. Coming in a sleek silver, this handy


  • Large slice capacity
  • Innovative auto functions
  • Easy clean and use


  • Fruit bread needs less toasting than the pre-set button

Best kettle and toaster set

Russell Hobbs Inspire White Kettle and Toaster Set
Price: £78.95 (was £86.45)


This Russell Hobbs set is designed with premium textured high gloss plastic and is currently


  • Variable temperature
  • Lift and look feature
  • Illuminated water window


  •  Some designs are out of stock

Best value toastie maker

 Salter® EK2143 Deep Fill 3-in-1 Snack Maker

Rrp: £29.99

Price: £27.99
Alternative retailers
Robert Dyas£29.99View offer
Currys£35.99View offer
Argos£40.00View offer


The Salter Deep-Fill Sandwich Toaster & Waffle Maker can help you to make delicious sandwiches,


  • Multi-purpose
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Good value


  • Cannot handle metal utensils
  • Toasts one panini at a time

Our verdict: Which is the best toaster?

For the two-slice option, we love the Tower Bottega Toaster in White and Rose Gold. It's easy on the eyes and has plenty of smart features to help your bread cook evenly, to perfection - or however you desire. Homes and Gardens Writer, Rosie Floyd, recommends this two-slicer - as it's super practical and clean-up is minimal.

If a four-slice toaster is on your radar, we recommend the Cookworks Pyramid Toaster in Almond. Parenting and Lifestyle Writer, Hannah James, vouches for this toaster. A mother of three, Hannah relies on this trusty four-slicer to help out with the morning school run - and all mouths are full and smiling. It's good value, too.

Looking for a sleek, stylish kitchen? Investing in matching appliances helps pull everything together. The Russell Hobbs Inspire Kettle and Toaster Set is smart, reasonably priced and decked out with some good features, such as the 'Lift and Look'. After all, there's nothing quite like a cuppa and a slice of toast.

Hankering after a decent grilled cheese is less than ideal when you don't have a sandwich toaster to hand. That's why we love the Salter Deep Fill 3-in-1 Snack Maker, as it can handle that, no problem - and more. Now, we have to be careful about where our pennies go. So, why not curb that coffee shop craving with the panini press function? Plus, it has waffle capabilities if you like something sweet.


How do I find the best toaster?

Choosing a toaster might not seem that difficult, but there are a good few things you should be looking for when finding the best toaster to grace your kitchen sideboard. We've made sure to list these factors below for you to consider:

Slice number: After all, your chosen toaster will be determined by your household's toast intake. Two or four-slice toasters are the most common variations.

Crumb trays: Every good toaster has a removable crumb tray. Not only is this feature important for keeping your toaster clean but makes sure your kitchen is safe, too.

Watts: This will determine how quick and powerful your toaster is - the higher the wattage, the more powerful it is.

Design: This will mostly be down to personal taste, and you may want a design that works with the look of your kitchen. We recommend getting a super-smart, matching toaster and kettle set.

Size: Not only will you need to make sure it fits on your countertop, but you'll also want to watch out for the size of the bread slots. Wider slices of bread (like Warburtons) may not fit in all toasters, and you want it ready to go with any slice.

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Settings: These include reheat, defrost and cancel. For example, a defrost button can come in handy if you pop a loaf in the freezer for bread emergencies – which are very common.

High lift: You don't want to be dangerously fishing your freshly cooked toast out of the slots at breakfast. Good toasters will have a high-lift function to make it easier.

Lift and look: This is a cheeky extra that some toasters may have. It means you can take a peek at how the toasting is going without having to cancel the whole process. That would be a right kerfuffle.

Bread-type settings: This unique function comes in handy if you're partial to other treats, such as a bagel or a slice of rye bread. Your toaster will adjust its heat and time accordingly – so everything is toasted to perfection.

Variable browning shades: This can be determined by a little dial on the front of the toaster, so you can select your preferences there. You can expect around six levels to choose from to find your shade.

Dual controls: A less common feature, but it's set to impress and saves energy, too. For a four-slice toaster, you can choose to toast only two slices at a time without using all two slots and, on certain toasters, can alter the level of browning for each.

Should I get a 2 or 4-slice toaster?

Ah, yes, the age-old question. Well, this is all down to how much toast you're wanting to make at once. If you're a larger household and typically get through lots of bread daily, a four-slicer is a no-brainer. If anything, it's recommended. However, a four-slice toaster does have some drawbacks. Not only do they take up more room, but they are generally more expensive.

On the other hand, two-slice toasters are best for households on the smaller side, who don't eat toast that often. All of this aside, it is ultimately your choice. You can get good deals on both – and you will get the same crunchy goodness, too.

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Are more expensive toasters better?

You can't go wrong with spending an extra £10 on a toaster, as the quality seems to improve as you spend more. But this is not always the case. Though swanky, expensive toasters impress with their innovative features and cool design, it's best to look at the specifications and customer reviews.

How we tested the best toasters UK

In this piece, we've included testimonials from our lovely team at Yours. For our tests, we conducted thorough research into features and specifications and looked at a product's reputation. Here are the criteria we explored to compile this round-up.

First, we tested the speed of our toasters. After all, when you're rushing around like a headless chicken in the morning, you're going to want a speedy appliance that you can rely on. Our picks across the board take between two to three minutes, which is around the average browning time.

Next, we had to consider how well the bread has been toasted, namely how even. Upon inspection, we found that the appliances managed to brown at least three-quarters of the slice, which – again – is average. Of course, you can ensure golden-brown goodness with the variable browning controls.

Ease of use is important to us at Yours. You don't want to be fussing around with a fiddly appliance. Luckily, our choices have clear instructions, functional buttons and dials, which are easy to understand. Everything is clearly labelled. Plus, clean-up is no bother with a crumb tray.

Lastly, if bread isn't the only carb you like to enjoy warmed-up, then this is for you. When testing, we varied our slice sizes to see if they can be cooked evenly. Plus, we've toasted the odd bagel and crumpet for the same reason. Our picks accommodate a variety of bread, no matter their shape.

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