The best soup makers to help you along Veganuary

Kit your kitchen out with these handy soup makers.

best soup makers

by Piper Huxley |

Winter has arrived, and no lunchtime or perhaps evening is quite complete without a steaming bowl of your favourite soup (with some bread on the side).

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Maybe you should donate your unwanted soup cans to a food bank because making your own soup has never been easier.

Hassle-free, easy, and pretty quick, a soup maker is your one-way ticket to warm and cosy mealtimes. In most cases, all you have to do is pop the ingredients in and the kitchen appliance works its magic.

Soup has never been easier. Sit back, relax and let a good bit of kit do the work.

We’ve gathered the best that the internet has to offer.

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This well-designed, stainless steel soup maker is a great addition to your kitchen. It can hold around 1.6 litres of soup and the spout makes pouring far less messy. Despite being a little bulky, it’s easy to use and makes your soup in around 20 minutes. That’s no time at all.


• Capacity: 1300-1600 ml – around 4 bowls

• Material: Stainless steel jug

• Features: Three automatic settings

• Features: Ready in just 20 minutes

• Features: Detachable jug function for easy pouring

• Power: 1000 watts

• Size: 25.5 x 18 x 31 cm

• Weight: ‎2.58 kg

Review: “Bought this had lots of great recommendations. Well I was extremely pleased. I put in my ingredients switched it on, went to write Christmas cards and then got changed. To my astonishment it was ready. The best soup I've ever made and so very quick. Highly recommend.”

Morphy Richards is a trusted brand.

This soup maker is stylish, functional and practical, boasting four servings of soup per use. Easy to clean, this soup gently cooks your soup in 21 minutes. For best results, chop ingredients into small pieces (ideally 1-2cm). There’s even an LED countdown display.


• Capacity: 1.6l – around 4 bowls

• Material: Stainless steel

• Features: LED countdown display

• Features: Ready in 21 minutes

• Features: Innovative design

• Power: 1100 watts

• Size: ‎22.4 x 17 x 31 cm

• Weight: 2.3kg

Review: “Very simple and straightforward to use. Fresh Soup within approx. 20 mins of switching on. Helps use up those odd veg left in the fridge or follow a recipe whichever you prefer. Easy to clean.”

This Drew & Cole appliance is beautifully designed with a chrome finish and is much sleeker than other soup makers. Washing-up is super easy for this soup maker – just add water and detergent, and the auto-clean function will do the work for you. Isn’t that nifty?


• Capacity: 1.6l – around 4 bowls

• Material: Stainless steel, plastic

• Features: Memory function

• Features: Auto clean

• Features: Chrome design

• Power: 1100 watts

• Size: ‎ 315 x 241 x 169.2 mm

• Weight: 2.09kg

Review: “Just love it! Recommended to loads of friends too. Best way to get veggies in your diet.”

Tower’s soup maker boasts around six portions of soup, which is fab if you’re meal planning for the week. Also, it includes an intelligent control system to prevent burning, so it’s safe to use in a busy household. Result! This soup maker’s efficiency allows soup to be made in a matter of minutes.


• Capacity: 1.6l – 5-6 portions

• Material: Aluminium

• Features: Soup or smoothies

• Features: Highly durable

• Features: Added safety

• Power: 1100 watts

• Size: ‎36.4 x 22.2 x 22.2 cm

• Weight: 2.4kg

Review: “Bought this for my mother as a Mother’s Day gift… She is OBSESSED. She cannot be stopped. My dad has never eaten so much soup in his life. Came quickly. Cooks perfectly. Seems sturdy.”

Morphy Richards has done it again. This stylish 'Clarity' soup maker is made from clear Tritan, so you can watch your soup cook. With this feature, you can have more control of your soup and the desired consistency. Also, Morphy Richards added a new 'keep warm' function, which automatically activates to keep your soup toasty - for 30 minutes after.

So convenient.


• Capacity: 1.6l – 4 portions

• Material: Plastic

• Features: Clear

• Features: 4 settings

• Features: Keep warm function

• Power: 1000 watts

• Size: ‎23.4 x 16.7 x 27.3 cm

• Weight: 2.28kg

Review: “Excellent - easy to use, quick piping hot soup - smooth soups like velvet and so healthy.”

With five automatic programmes, this gadget is a stand-out.

Tefal has delivered on this soup maker, which comes with a booklet containing 30 unique recipes. There’s a keep warm function that lasts up to 40 minutes – which is impressive. The versatile appliance has a 'compote' programme, too.

It's also repairable by Tefal - with a ten year guarantee of spare parts and repairs.


• Capacity: 1.2l – 3-4 portions

• Material: Iron

• Features: Repairable for 10 years

• Features: Recipes included

• Features: Five programmes

• Power: 1000 watts

• Size: ‎15.5 x 22.5 x 36.7 cm

• Weight: 2.248kg

Review: “This is just fantastic. Made carrot and ginger soup at my first attempt at using it. Delicious and it kept hot whilst I got the rest of my lunch ready. It was very easy to clean too and looks very smart. The handbook with it gives some interesting recipes for soups and smoothies.”

Morphy Richards has a smaller option, too.

Though more compact and easier to transport, this gadget does only make 2-3 portions. Within 19 minutes, this soup maker has your soup piping hot and ready to eat. With an automatic keep warm and sauté function, you can’t go wrong.


• Capacity: 1 litre – 2 portions

• Material: ‎Stainless steel

• Features: Automatic keep-warm

• Features: Sauté function

• Features: Four programmes

• Power: 900 watts

• Size: ‎15.5 x 21 x 22.5 cm

• Weight: 2.2kg

Review: “Makes perfect soup every time and is so easy to clean. The sauté function is a great optional extra. I'm eating so much more veg and not wasting anything. Make sure to look at the recipes in the instruction manual, there's a tasty butternut squash one in there.”

With four automatic settings, this soup maker from Daewoo is another solid option.

There is an in-built indicator light where you can see whereabouts the soup maker is in the process. Designed with convenience in mind - with overspill sensors, you won't have to worry about any mess when you use this soup maker.


• Capacity: 1.6l – around 4 bowls

• Material: ‎Stainless steel

• Features: Indicator light

• Features: Dry burning prevention

• Features: Overfill sensors

• Power: 1000 watts

• Size: ‎26 x 18.5 x 36 cm

• Weight: 2.54kg

Review: “So easy to use, chop your veg, then add your stock, choose a setting, chunky or smooth, and your soup is done in less than 30 mins. Makes wonderful soup. Also, can make smoothies and jam! The leaflet comes with a few recipes too. Love it, worth every penny.”

Easy to use, it has a strong glass jug with a safety over-spill and over-cook sensor. It even comes with some cleaning equipment and a recipe guide. Easy digital operation of four functions for different textures and ingredients: chunky soup, smooth soup, blend, juice.


• Capacity: 1.4l – 3-4 bowls

• Material: ‎Stainless steel, glass, plastic

• Features: Strong glass jug

• Features: Safety over-fill and over-cook sensor

• Features: Includes cleaning sponge and brush

• Power: 900 watts

• Size: ‎34.7cm x 22.5cm x 15.5cm

• Weight: 2kg

Review: “I bought this soup maker because I wanted to be able to make my own soup. To my surprise, it came with recipes for smoothies and soup. I'm truly happy with this product - a must-have in your kitchen.”

Perfect in winter for hearty soups and ideal in the summer for refreshing smoothies, this multi-functional appliance from Kacsoo is a must-have. Though smaller than the rest of the list, this appliance has been well-designed and has triple safety protection to ensure good soup.


• Capacity: 0.8l

• Material: ‎Glass

• Features: 12H smart appointment

• Features: Security

• Features: Easy to clean

• Power: 600 watts

• Size: ‎26.9 x 15.8 x 14.9 cm

• Weight: 1.27kg

Review: “Really convenient for preparing single servings.”

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