The best multi cookers

Why overload your kitchen, when you can have everything you need all in one appliance?

The best multi cookers 2021

by Red Edwards |

Are your kitchen counters beginning to feel a little overcrowded with the microwave, slow cooker, and steamer? Or maybe your roasting tins and fryer are taking up too much storage? Imagine being able to wave goodbye to your overcrowding appliances. With the best multi cooks, you can welcome in the one that can do it all.

Multi cookers are kitchen appliances that can boil, simmer, bake, fry, deep fry, grill, roast, and stew your food. So, you can replace all those cluttering appliances with one kitchen gadget.

What is a multi cooker?

A multi cooker is an electric kitchen appliance for automated cooking using a timer. The best multi cookers are able to boil, simmer, bake, fry, deep fry, grill, roast, steam, and some even slow cook your food too.

They're an absolute king of an appliance. They save you time, money, and free up space on your kitchen sides!

How does the multi cooker work?

The device is operated by placing your choice of ingredients inside the cooker. You then select the cooking program you desire, leaving the multi cooker to cook according to the program and time.

They typically don't require any user intervention, so you'll be able to put your feet up, pour a large glass of your favourite wine and await the alarm to sound so you know when your food is finished cooking.

The best multi cookers to make cooking easier

From as little as £39.99, the best multi cookers are not only life savers when it comes to cooking, but they're super affordable and will match any budget.

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