Best handheld fans for on-the-go cooling relief

Beat the heat wherever you are this summer with one of our best handheld fan top picks.

Best handheld fan

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If you're someone that struggles with being too warm in the summer, the best handheld fans will help cool you down. Whether you're in need of something to help you beat the heat when you're out and about in the sunshine or you're after a helping hand to keep you cool at home, they're the best fan for keeping yourself refreshed and comfortable while on the go. They're also great for those who may be going through menopause as they'll provide some cooling relief when they're experiencing hot flushes throughout the year.

The best handheld fans are designed with portability in mind. The majority of them can be charged for a few hours to give you a runtime that will last for most of the day, and if they're not chargeable, they'll run off batteries that you can change whenever they run out. They're also lightweight so you'll easily be able to pop one in your handbag to take out with you on all your summertime adventures.

Best handheld fans at a glance:

• Best overall: EasyAcc Handheld Fan – view on Amazon UK
• Most highly rated handheld fan: VersionTech Hand Held Fan – view on Amazon UK
• Best handheld fan for menopause: JISULIFE Handheld Fan – view on Amazon UK

There are many different types of handheld fans out there, each with different features and settings to make them stand out from the crowd. You can get ones that easily convert into a wireless desk fan so you can use one while working away at your desk or sitting at a table in a restaurant or pub garden. Some double as power banks to charge your phone and others are equipped with a built-in torch. They also come in a variety of colours and styles so you could even get a handheld fan to match your outfit if you're after one for a particular occasion.

Whatever your reason for wanting one, we've rounded up all the best handheld fans that will help you to keep your cool when you need it the most.

Best handheld fans

Best overall

Depending on what setting you use the EasyAcc Handheld Fan on, a single charge can last for up to 23 hours at a time so it's perfect for using during full-day trips out. The fan provides three settings; low, medium and high, allowing you to choose the coolness and wind speed level that is perfect for you.

Our review: "I was recommended this by a colleague and now I don't leave the house without it. The fan gives a powerful jet of air and it lasts most of the day - I simply charge overnight so I'm good to go the next day. It folds in half which makes it really handy for packing in a small handbag, and you can fold it to create a support so it sits at your desk as you work. I've had friends and even strangers remark at how they wish they had one in the summer heat which has made me the envy of the London underground!"


  • Three speeds
  • Long-lasting battery


  • Some reviewers wished it was a bit more powerful

Most highly rated handheld fan

With over 11,000 reviews and an average rating of 4.7 stars out of five, this VersionTech Hand Held Fan is highly rated by Amazon customers. Available in four colours, black, green, pink and white, it is equipped with six fan blades to ensure it is powerful, allowing the most amount of air possible to flow through to cool you down.

Customer review: "My friend gifted me one of these ( we are ladies of a certain age) and they definitely do the job. They are very powerful, have three settings and are not to noisy. Found it really useful when travelling in a hot car with a grandchild who began to feel unwell so needed some fresh air. I would definitely recommend and have purchased another as a gift for family off on a sunny holiday."


  • Highly rated
  • Can be converted to a desk fan and also comes with a clip so you can attach it to things


  • Reviewers have commented that it is quite noisy on the maximum speed setting

Best handheld fan for menopause

Whether you're travelling, commuting, working or socialising, the JISULIFE Handheld Fan will help you beat the heat when you feel a hot flush coming on no matter the time of year. With its foldable design, it'll go into your handbag compactly, plus it can be used as a power bank to charge your phone and a torch, too, so it's a handy thing to have while you're on the go.

Customer review: "The battery life is very good on this fan. Used it for short periods daily whilst on a week's holiday and charge didn't run out. The fan is pretty powerful for its size and I like the fact that you have a torch and a powerful all in one compact unit. Great design and quality."


  • Combines a fan with a torch and power bank
  • Up to 21 hours of cooling time from one full charge


  • Some reviewers had issues opening it when folded because they couldn't get their fingernails into the small gap to open it

Best handheld fan for quick charging

VKUSRA Handheld Fan
Price: $15.99

Looking for a handheld fan that will be ready to go when you are? This VKUSRA Handheld Fan has a quick charging time so it will get from empty to fully charged in around two hours. It only weighs 155g, so it's super lightweight so it won't be heavy to carry around with you and it'll feel comfortable to hold in your hand.

Customer review: "It's small, can be hand-held or placed in a stand. It blows out a lot of nice cold air for its size. If has four settings and personally I think it's brilliant! A must buy."


  • Charges in two hours
  • Four speeds


  • Doesn't fold to become a desk fan but does come with its own stand

Best budget handheld fan

For those who are after a cheap and cheerful number to keep them cool, you can't really go wrong with this Beldray Mini Hand Fan. It's convenient and lightweight with two high-performance foam blades to whip up a cool breeze at the push of a button wherever and whenever you need.

Customer review: "Amazing value for money. Work perfectly and very helpful in this hot weather."


  • Lightweight
  • Value for money


  • You need to keep your finger held on the on/off switch at all times to keep it going

Best multi-purpose handheld fan

Designed to make your life a little cooler during hot weather spells, this Challenge Grey Hand Held Desk Fan can be operated by USB power or internal battery power so you can use it out and about and at home, too. It's got three-speed settings and also comes with a slot that you can pop your phone into so you can watch videos hands-free while you're working.

Customer review: "I bought this a few weeks ago and it’s been a life saver. Lowest setting last hours, highest setting maybe an hour max? Really lightweight too, I take it to work each day."


  • Three speed settings
  • Dock to hold your phone


  • Charge doesn't last as long compared to others on our list

Best handbag-sized handheld fan

You can carry the STATUS MIXRHHFANSX10 3" Handheld Mini Fan in your hand to help you beat the heat while walking around or you can place it into its stand for some hands-free cooling sat at a desk inside or table outside. Its small size is handy to pop in your pocket or bag and it's easy to charge up, thanks to the micro-USB cable included.


  • Size handy for putting in pockets and bags
  • Comes with a holder base so it can stand upright


  • Smaller compared to others on our list and some may want a bigger fan

Best handheld fan for hot flushes

Instantly cool yourself down during any hot flushes you may be experiencing with one of these Handheld Electric Fans from Etsy. Available in four pastel colours, it has three wind speed settings and stays fairly quiet even when on the strongest one. It takes around an hour to charge to give you three to six hours of use.

Customer review: "Great product and can't fault it, thank you!"


  • Choice of colours
  • Quite quiet


  • Battery doesn't last as long compared to other fans on our list

What to consider when choosing the best handheld fan:

When it comes to deciding which is the best handheld fan for your needs, there are a few important factors to think about:


The whole point of a handheld fan is that it is easy for you to carry around with you so you can feel cool wherever you are. You'll want to pick one that is lightweight and comfortable for you to hold but also consider how you're going to carry it around. Are you looking for a fan that's small enough to fit in your pocket or have you got room to carry it in a handbag or rucksack?

Battery life

Next up, you'll want to think about the battery life of your chosen handheld fan. Do you need a fan that will keep you cool while you're out for a few hours running errands or are you after a fan that has a charge that will last for a whole day trip?

Charging time

The charging time is equally as important as battery life. The quicker it charges, the sooner you can use it, so look for one that has a relatively speedy recharge time if you want to be able to grab and go.

Fan speed

You'll then need to think about the different settings the fan has. The higher the fan speed, the more powerful the air circulation. However, the higher the speed setting you use your handheld fan on, the more battery power it will use, so you may find you need to grab for the charger or change the batteries more often.

Noise level

That leads us nicely onto noise level. The more powerful fans will be noisier so if you want a fan that will quietly keep you cool, you'll want to look for ones with lower speed settings.

Additional features

Some handheld fans aren't just handy for keeping you cool, they may come packed with additional features to make them more multifunctional. Many double as power banks for charging your phone and you can also get some that have built-in torches and stands for your devices.


Lastly, you'll want to think about the aesthetics of your handheld fan. If you're heading out for a special occasion, such as a wedding or a race day, you may want to consider getting a fan to match your outfit so you can stay cool and stylish.

Do handheld fans actually keep you cool?

As fans work by moving air and keeping it circulating around you, you will feel cooler by using a handheld fan. However, fans don't actually cool the air, they just circulate the heat around you, so using one won't have any lasting cooling effects.

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