Aldi garden Specialbuys

Everything you need to know about Aldi Specialbuys and our top picks you can shop in-store or online right now

Aldi garden Specialbuys

by Angelica Daujotas |

Long gone are the days when you’d swing by the supermarket and return home with just a bag of groceries in hand. Pay a trip to Aldi and you might just find yourself with some eggs, milk and a brand new pressure washer.

It’s no secret that Aldi has become famous for its affordable food, drink and almost identical 'dupe' items of well-known brands. But this isn’t the only reason for its growing popularity.

Browsing down isles of household items, appliances, gardening tools and accessories – better known as Specialbuys – has become all part of the in-store shopping experience, too. And the best thing? These products are sold at fraction of the price of their branded counterparts, meaning you can get more value for your money.

This might come as good news to your pocket if you’re looking to invest in some garden tools, accessories and machinery, which we all know can be notoriously expensive.

If your garden is in need of a little TLC, it’s worth checking the Aldi website before heading to your DIY store.

How do Aldi Specialbuys work?

Aldi’s Specialbuys are available both online and in-store and cover a wide range of practical products. The product range sees new arrivals every Thursday and Sunday, which you can either buy direct from your local store the day they go on sale, or order from their website up to a week in advance.

The nature of Aldi Specialbuys means that stock is available for a limited period of time only. Once they’re gone, they’re gone, with no guarantee that they will be restocked again. As most avid Aldi shoppers will know all too well, you need to act quickly before the best Specialbuys get snapped up.

A good way to avoid any disappointment is to sign up for their weekly Specialbuys newsletter. That way, you’ll be the first to know what products are going on sale and when.

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