The best summer houses for your garden

Make the most of your garden space this summer with your very own summer house

The best summer houses for your garden

by Marina Avraam |

With summer just around the corner, what better way to enjoy the nice weather than with a cosy little summer house?

Summer houses are brilliant if you like spending time in the garden during the hotter months of the year. They are the perfect place for you to admire the beauty of your garden from, while allowing you to seek some shade from the sun. You can simply kick back and relax with a cold drink, unwind with your favourite book, or take your hobby outside.

They offer a fantastic way to spruce up your garden by adding an attractive focal point to your outdoor space. Summer houses also make for the ultimate centrepiece for social gatherings with friends and family. You can use it for hosting a garden party, alfresco dining or an extended living space where you can catch up with your nearest and dearest.

Given the vast amount of summer houses available on the market, selecting the right one for you might be daunting. To make life easier, we've created a list of the best UK summer houses available, in terms of both quality and price.


The best summer houses UK

12 x 6 Pressure Treated Cannes Summerhouse
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Bring Cannes to your back garden with this bright and well-constructed summer house. Made from the very best materials, this structure will stand proud for many summers to come. The pressure-treated wood will repel any insects, and the high-endurance construction will protect you from all weather conditions.

Key Specifications:
356cm x 198cm x 236cm
Thicker and doubled up framing
Wide double French doors
Long side windows
All-weather protection
East to handle
Pre-assembled panels

3.0 x 3.6m Crane Garden Buildings Hub
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A sleek pent roof design, floor-to-ceiling glazing so you can enjoy unhindered garden views, and full insulation and lining for year-round use? This summer house has got everything a modern garden building needs. If you're not so keen on doing the DIY yourself, delivery and installation come included. The timber is FSC® certified, the windows are made with double glazed, toughed safety glass for durability, and it comes painted with a two-tone finish as standard.

Key Specifications:
360cm x 300cm x 227cm
FSC® certified timber
Double doors
Double glazed
Insulated for year-round use
Delivery & installation included

8 x 8 ft. Summer House
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Designed with tall glass windows, the 8 x 8ft Vermont Summerhouse will get you feeling that summer bliss without leaving your home. Boasting a bright and airy open space, you can enjoy your garden while reading a book, drinking some wine, or taking a much-needed summertime nap. The strong weatherproof panel and thick wooden framing are sure to keep you protected from the elements, and a 10-year anti-rot guarantee is included with your purchase.

Key Specifications:
244cm x 248cm x 256cm
Solid Woodlock included
Assembly required
Foundation required

10 x 8 Helios Summerhouse
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We can't take our eyes off this beautiful summer house, that'll transform your garden in no time. The modern exterior and contemporary roof design will spruce up your outdoor space, and the spacious interior makes for a wonderful place to relax, entertain guests or turn into a hobby room. The styrene glazed windows and double doors make for a bright and airy space, which is warm and welcoming. You can fully customise your summer house with your choice of paint finish, roof upgrades and more.

Key Specifications:
291cm x 239cm x 212cm
Shatterproof Styrene windows
Double doors with a lock and key for security
Roof felt supplied
Assembly required
Free delivery to most UK postcodes
10-year anti-rot guarantee

10 x 8 Ft. Tongue & Groove Summer House
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Whether you're looking for a place to relax in your garden, or need somewhere to entertain friends and family, the 8 x 10 Vermont Summerhouse will do the trick. Spacious and stylish, this summer house has more than enough space for a sofa and coffee table. The slanted roof is both elegant and functional protecting you against rainfall, and the walls are constructed with a thick wooden frame that is robust and long-lasting. The manual comes with clear and precise instructions that'll ensure a quick and easy setup.

Key Specifications:
300cm x 248cm x 257cm
Solid wood that is not pressure treated
No pre-drilled holes
Lock included
Assembly required
Foundation required

7 x 7 Corner Summerhouse
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If you're working with a more controlled budget or limited garden space, then we've found the summer house for you. The compact, space-saving design will fit neatly in the corner of your garden, freeing up the rest of your lawn for any garden furniture, hot tub or pool. The full-length styrene glazed windows and fully glazed French doors make for an elegant exterior, as well as a warm and bright interior that is extremely inviting.

Key Specifications:
211cm x 211cm x 183cm
Shatterproof Styrene windows
Fully glazed double doors with a lock and key for security
Mineral felt included
Assembly required
10-year anti-rot guarantee

7' x 5' Forest Oakley Wooden Garden Summerhouse
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Bring a lovely, rustic feel to your garden with the Forest Oakley Wooden Summerhouse. Not only is this option highly affordable, but it also comes with all the trimmings of a more high-end summer house. Double doors secured with a lock, 3/4 length windows, plus, four further windows for extra light. The exterior is pressure treated with an impressive 15-year anti-rot guarantee. The house was designed with functionality in mind, ensuring a long-lasting structure and efficient rainwater run-off.

Key Specifications:
232cm x 153cm x 221cm
Pressure-treated with a 15-year anti-rot guarantee
Double doors with lock and windows
4 further windows
Green mineral felt roof

8 x 8 Helios Summerhouse
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Another fantastic option, the Waltons Helios Summerhouse boasts a modern design with a curved roofline, styrene glazed windows and stunning French doors. The sun will pour right through, leaving a lovely warmth and brightness to the spacious interior. This is the perfect place to get some summer reading in or relax on those pleasant summer evenings with some good wine and even better company.

Key Specifications:
240cm x 240cm x 212cm
Assembly required
10-year anti-rot guarantee
Styrene Windows
Double Doors with a lock and key for security
Roof felt supplied

2.4 x 3.0m National Trust Flatford Summerhouse
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The design of this traditional summer house takes inspiration from the beautiful National Trust site of Flatford. With its Fleur-de-Leys hinges, vertical sawn boards, and corrugated black roofing, it will look right at home in a quaint, countryside garden. It has opening windows on both sides, as well as two fixed windows in the front, which are all crossed-leaded in style. Best bit? Delivery and installation are included in the overall price.

Key Specifications:
300 x 240 x 214cm
FSC® certified timber
Leaded windows
Double doors fitted with a mortice lock
Delivery & installation included

Summer house FAQs

Do I need permission to put up a summer house in the UK?

In most cases, you will not require planning permission to put up your summer house, as they are classed as permitted developments. Having said that, the size, height and intended use of your summer house will all determine whether you'll require permission from your council. There can also be additional restrictions to consider based on where you live, such as in Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and World Heritage Sites.

If your summer house occupies over half of your garden, will not be used domestically or is over three metres high, then planning permission is required. Additionally, if you place a summer house within two metres of your neighbour's boundary, then it cannot be not more than 2.5 metres high.

If you are uncertain about any of these restrictions, make sure to check with your local council.

What type of base is suitable for my summer house?

Without a firm and solid base, it's likely that your summer house will be unstable and deteriorate over the years. Therefore, it's important to choose the right one for longevity.

The main base options for summer houses include concrete, paving slabs and timber decking.

Concrete is generally seen as the most reliable base, given that it is permanent and stable. This is especially important if you're opting for a bigger and heavier structure.

Paving slabs are another great option given how easily they can be applied. Similar to concrete, paving slabs are non-shifting, but have the added benefit of being more affordable.

Finally, while timber decking can add a very nice touch to your garden, this base is not the best option for larger summer houses. Decking will also require frequent treatment and maintenance, which can quickly become expensive.

Can I have electricity in my summer house?

Yes, getting electricity into your summer house should not be complicated. However, for your own safety, we recommend speaking to your electrician beforehand.

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