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Any experienced gardener will know the benefits of having top quality gardening tools. No matter if you're in the garden every day and need to chop and trim your hedge and bushes, or you occasionally head out to maintain your patch, a good pair of secateurs are a must-have.

Choosing the best secateurs can be a daunting task given the plethora of options available on the market. Factors such as blade quality, handle comfort, cutting capacity, and overall durability all play significant roles in determining the ideal pair of secateurs for your needs.

The best secateurs at a glance:

Best overall secateurs: Kent & Stowe SureCut All Purpose Secateurs - view on Marshalls Garden
Best budget secateurs: Stihl PG 10 Bypass Secateurs - view on Amazon
Best lightweight secateurs: Wilkinson Aluminium Bypass Pruner - view on Amazon
Best long-handed secateurs: Spear and Jackson Razorsharp Easy Reach Pruner - view on Amazon

From chopping down thick stalks to pruning and deadheading your favourite plants, your trusty pair of secateurs must be able to keep your plants and flowers neat with ease, which is why it's worth investing in a good quality pair that will stand the test of time.

The best secateurs UK:

Best overall secateurs

Surecut secateursSurecut

Premium with a super-sharp blade, these secateurs are packed with clever design details. The first thing our tester noticed is the rubberised, textured handle grips, which make them really comfortable to hold securely.

The chunky central lock is easy to use, regardless of whether you’re left- or right-handed, and the fact that you can adjust them to fit your hand size is a thoughtful detail, too. The steel blade itself is very sharp and cuts through flower stems and green wood effortlessly – our tester found they could snip rosemary sprigs, olive branches, grapevine and eucalyptus stems easily and achieved a really precise, clean cut. Although the steel blade and spring make these secateurs quite weighty, this is balanced out by the relatively lightweight aluminium handles.


  • Non-slip grip
  • Easy to use (whether you're left or right handed)


  • Minimal handle cushioning

Best budget secateurs

Stihl Stihl
Price: $37.17

Priced at less than £16, these secateurs are a great option for those on a budget. Our tester found they worked well for general pruning, however they could become painful during prolonged use as there is minimal cushioning on the handles.

The secateurs struggled to cut through thicker stems and required a bit of force, however they cut through thinner stems with ease. Our tester thinks these secateurs would be better for gentle trimming of flower and herb stems, as opposed to thicker, unruly plants.


  • Affordable price
  • Give a very good clean cut


  • Needs a bit more force for thicker stems

Best lightweight secateurs

Wilkinson Aluminium Bypass PrunerAmazon
Price: $21.00

These secateurs are designed to be extremely lightweight at just 150g, making them easy to hold for
prolonged periods of time. Our tester found this was extremely helpful as pruning isn’t always a five-minute job, and heavier secateurs can often cause hand cramps or achy wrists.

Despite being lightweight, they are sturdy enough to cut through tougher branches with ease and don’t feel flimsy at all. The safety catch is also a valuable feature as it keeps the blade protected and helps to prevent accidents.


  • Lightweight, ideal for longer gardening projects
  • Safety catch that's easy to use


  • The handles are less durable than others on this list

Best long-handled secateurs

At 68cm long, these Spear and Jackson Razorsharp Easy Reach Pruners are excellent for pruning those less accessible areas (as they have a rotating body and cutting head).

Reviewers are happy with the sharpness of the tool and the handle size, but some have mentioned that the actual blades could be bigger, so that they can line them up with small but tall branches they need to cut.


  • A cut and hold mechanism to collect fruit and flowers
  • PTFE coated blades make a smooth cut


  • Short blades, which can be tricky to aim for smaller branches

Best adjustable secateurs

Price: $65.00

Made from slate and beech, these have a satisfying weight to them, without being too heavy. The wooden handle is comfortable to hold and not too bulky. There are three settings, depending on the width you need, and these are adjusted by a sliding bolt.

Our tester found they were easy enough to operate but may become fiddly for stiff fingers on a cold day. The blades are sharp and easy to clean as they are stainless steel, so a quick rinse under the tap will keep them looking good.


  • Easily adjustable settings
  • Easy to clean


  • Lacked power for tougher cuts

Best secateurs for arthritic hands

Amazon secateursAmazon
Price: $35.51

These are a very sharp and precise pair of secateurs, perfect for your rose bush or any other fresh branches and they'll work through your garden with ease. With a lightweight yet durable design, you can use these for a long while before your hand begins to experience some discomfort.

The blades are shorter than some of the others on this list, making them perfect for precise cuts and trims.


  • Ergonomic design with comfortable SoftGrip handles
  • Available in three different styles


  • Some experienced trouble with the locking mechanism

Best left-handed secateurs

Amazon secateursAmazon
Price: £19.12

Designed for comfort, these secateurs are the perfect tool for those who are left-handed or simply prefer to work with their left hand. It also has an easy-to-use locking mechanism which ensures safe storage when you're not using them.


  • Especially made for left-handed gardeners
  • Hardened and tempered for durability


  • Not as long-lasting as some of the others on this list

Best durable secateurs


These secateurs are the best our tester has ever used. They are well made, sharp, precise
and make pruning a joy. The sleek, classic design fits well into your hand so they feel comfortable when you are using them. The safety catch feels secure, but easy to release as and when you need to. They are packaged very nicely so would make an ideal present for a keen gardener.

Although they are on the pricier side they have been built to last and our tester feels confident they will never need to replace them.


  • Secure safety catch
  • Very well made, durable build


  • Pricier than the other secateurs on this list

What are the different types of secateurs?

With so many different makes, models, blades and sizes, it can be hard to know which ones are right for you.

Our friends at Garden Answers have some top tips on what to look out for when shopping for secateurs.

Blade coating

Blades coated with non-stick PTFE or similar materials are more rust resistant and make cutting smoother.

Sap groove

Inlet along the blade that directs sap away from the edge to prevent it gumming up.

Cushion stops

Rubber cushion stops reduce jarring and excess force from causing musculoskeletal problems.

Blade catch

This holds the blades shut when not in use. Make sure it isn't too loose, which would interfere with pruning.


Look for a good, strong spring that stays put when pruning and never pops off its supports.

Non-slip handle grips

These help prevent the secateurs from slipping out of your hand.

Contoured handles

Moulded handles are more secure to hold and prevent excessive hand movement.

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