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Cleaning Paving Stones in Garden with Pressure Washer. Using High Pressure Cleaner for Washing Block Pavement of Street or Home.

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If your beloved paving is looking a little worse for wear, we’ve found the best pressure washer for patio cleaning. After all, as the season of garden tea parties on the lawn is almost here, having a dirty, grimy patio is less than ideal. Your cherished guests won’t appreciate a mucky garden. So, the solution is to clean your patio, which may be a source of anxiety for some who have never had to get their hands dirty. Luckily, you don’t have to – with a smart patio pressure washer.

Over the year patios endure the strains of the season: the fallen leaves of autumn, the frosty algae of winter. Now, spring has pretty much arrived – and you may be looking to break out your BBQs and garden furniture for alfresco cookouts. You can try different cleaning methods, but many of these involve getting on your hands and knees. A patio pressure washer is by far the most efficient and mess-free. Grab some patio cleaner solution, too.

Best pressure washer for patio at a glance

Best pressure washer for patio: Nilfisk C140 Corded – Buy now on B&Q
Budget pressure washer for patio: Bosch Easy Aquatak 120 – Buy now on Amazon UK
Best pressure washer for small patios: Nilfisk Core 130 – Buy now on Amazon UK

Your January garden maintenance tasks may have helped you clear some soggy leaves or moss that may be lurking on your path, patio, steps or decking. However, in spring, it is recommended you invest in your outdoor space a little more – from planting onions to pruning rose bushes. Don’t think of your new piece of kit as a large garden task, though. Patio pressure washers have been made for this low-medium task – with not too much force to ruin your precious paving.

With a pressure washer, water is pumped out high pressure through the hose and cleaning attachment, effortlessly blasting dirt away. Pressure washers aren’t just reserved for patios, either. They can clean most hard surfaces, including concrete, swimming pools, metal, plastic and wood. So, they may be safe enough to give your garden furniture a quick once-over. We’ve rounded up the best pressure washers for patio cleaning and answered some FAQs, too.

Best pressure washer for patio cleaning

Best pressure washer for patio


Fully functional and equipped with two nozzle types for rough and gentle tasks, this Nilfisk C140 Corded cleaner comes with a detergent dispenser to adapt to a variety of cleaning jobs. Sturdy, and built with durable, long-life metal, this washer is perfect for any cleaning task. Not only does its 140 bar pressure make it the ideal pressure washer for your patio, but it comes with a whole host of attachments, too.


  • Great value with a range of accessories
  • Long, flexible hose for medium patios
  • Lightweight and easy to assemble


  • Not suitable for large patios, or will at least take a long time to clean

Best pressure washer for large patios

The high-pressure Bosch UniversalAquatak 135 washer can handle a wide variety of cleaning tasks, from garden furniture to gutters. Luckily for you, the trio nozzle has a fan, rotary, and pencil jet settings for versatility. The extendable handle and large wheels offer increased mobility and easy storage. Plus, the quieter motor pump ensures you don't disturb the neighbours. Cleaning made simple.

Customer review: "Great little washer! Easy to set up, very useful attachments. More than powerful enough to clean decking and concrete, ours hadn't been cleaned in 20 years and came up wonderfully. Washing the car is now a breeze, and the whole thing packs away into a fairly small form factor. If I had to moan about something, the water inlet is plastic, I can imagine this could be broken if not looked after. Other than that, great piece of kit!"


  • Comfortable, enjoyable cleaning with a quieter motor pump
  • Nozzle with fan, rotary, and pencil settings, for versatile cleaning
  • Easily moved about with an extendable handle and larger wheels


  • Some customers are worried about the plastic water inlet

Budget pressure washer for patio

An easy handy helper for small garden projects, this Bosch Easy Aquatak 120 promises a versatile cleaning performance with a wide range of accessories. Space-saving with highly compact storage, this Bosch pressure washer can change the cleaning intensity level to fit the task - from gentle to intense.

Customer review: "It's easy to use and easy to install (installed by my 8-year-old son). The quality is great, and it's true that big brands are trustworthy. To be honest, the brush is not very effective, but it uses high-pressure water spray, and the sprayed area is directly cleaned several times. The disadvantage is that water will spray everywhere, including your body, so you have to wear old clothes to work."


  • 120-bar pump and multiple nozzles for versatile cleaning
  • Compact design and accessory storage mean easy mobility
  • Easily finish small-to-medium-sized cleaning tasks


  • Some customers said the hose length could be longer

Premium pressure washer for patio

K7 Pressure Washer
Price: £519.99 (was £599.99)

The Kärcher K7 Premium Smart Control Home washer links to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Cool, right? The Kärcher Home & Garden app offers cleaning tips, assembly help, and maintenance guidance. With boost mode for stubborn dirt and a Smart Control spray gun, enjoy maximum control and convenience with this piece of kit. 180 bar pressure means it can handle your patio easily and tackle tougher jobs.

Customer review: "I purchased this for my husband for a Christmas present, He couldn’t wait to use it. I figured it would benefit me too and I was right because the very next day my front path and back patio was sparklingly clean!! Cannot stress how highly I recommend this to anyone looking to buy. Thank you Kaercher this is by far the best of all of your models we have had previously."


  • Connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth
  • With an easy-to-read LCD display for easy set-up
  • Boost mode for extra power to tackle stubborn dirt


  • Some customers felt as if the app/smart features were gimmicky

Best pressure washer for small patios

Next, the Nilfisk Core 130 pressure washer offers a solution for household cleaning and tasks. With a compact design, it's been made for the users in mind - with innovative features and portability. For the patio, garage and garden, this washer will clean away algae, moss, dirt and even unsightly loose paint. It has a long-life metal pump for a powerful, durable core, which is efficient for low to medium tasks.

Customer review: "I have a Nilfisk Alto which I have used regularly for about the last 30 years. As it has now expired I decided to replace it with another Nilfisk which I hope proves reliable. I have used this machine and found it performs very well. The only feature I don't like is the rotary power selector switch which looks vulnerable to dirt should it accidentally get splashed. My old machine had a simple waterproof on/off switch which, I think, is a safer arrangement.

Overall, a good machine that I would recommend."


  • With the dial, adjust pressure regulation for different tasks
  • Durable and flexible hoses are quicker to store away - no knots
  • Aluminium pump makes washer tolerant to temperature changes


  • May not be suited for larger tasks

Best Kärcher pressure washer for patio

Kärcher K 5 Premium Smart Control Home
Price: $1202.16

The Kärcher K 5 Premium Smart Control Home pressure washer connects seamlessly to the Kärcher Home & Garden app via Bluetooth. How smart is that? With this app, you can receive optimal support with cleaning tips, assembly help, and maintenance guidance from your smartphone. Enjoy boost mode, LCD display, and versatile spray lance for efficient cleaning. This is another fabulous, versatile pick.

Customer review: "I was sceptical about this having read other reviews but I am pleased to say this machine is great. Yes the smart features aren’t really worth it but it works absolutely fine as a “dumb” machine too. I connected it to my phone during initial set up but haven’t bothered since and it still all works as expected, including the variable settings which can be controlled on the handle. Even tried with a non-smart stubby gun and it still worked fine - just no means of changing pressure which is as I’d expect with no controls on the gun. Putting the machine together was easy enough by following the instructions on the app - just a few fixings really. The hose reel is useful to keep it all tidy."


  • Integrated Bluetooth connectivity for easy smartphone control via the app
  • Boost mode provides extra power to tackle stubborn dirt effectively
  • LCD display and versatile spray lance offer maximum control and efficiency


  • Some customers are struggling with the hose - its too stiff

Verdict: Which is the best?

The Nilfisk C140 Corded is our favourite pick. It’s great value and is equipped with two nozzle types for rough and gentle tasks, patio cleaner and detergent dispenser for various tasks.

Buyers guide

A pressure washer has been made to tackle a variety of garden tasks. Many of our picks have been designed to tackle low to medium tasks, so your precious patio or garden furniture is not damaged. However, they're powerful enough to blast away the algae, moss, mildew, dirt and more. Before you buy, take a little peek at our patio pressure washer buyers guide for an informative overview of the product.

Thanks to the help of, we can help you decide.


Pressure is the most important factor in this product, measured in bars or PSI. It relates to the force by which water is pushed out. How much pressure you want will depend on what jobs are on your list.

Patios require a medium pressure to keep slabs in place. For your gravel driveway, you'll need something a little higher up the bar scale. We suggest a versatile option to cover most outdoor cleaning tasks.

Medium pressure sits around 110-130 bars. Whereas, light cleaning - perfect for decking and garden furniture - just around 100 bars. Heavy-duty tasks, such as pools and paving, require 130 to 150 bars.

Key features

When shopping for a pressure washer to spruce up your garden ideas, has some thoughts:

Changeable pressure - is something desirable from a pressure washer, as it is equipped to tackle many tasks - not just your beloved patio. With a range in pressure available from the turn of a final, it turns your ordinary pressure washer into a major garden player - for light and tough jobs.

Lances - in varying lengths will suit different tasks. What is a lance, you ask? defines it as a "long pipe that extends out from a pressure washer’s trigger." A longer pipe will help you reach further areas without any damage to the kit - and injury to yourself.

Accessories and tools - are in excess. There are plenty of onboard tools and accessories for you to test – from different nozzle sizes to extended lances. It will help your new piece of kit with specific tasks.

Automatic start and stop - means that "both a main switch for power and a separate trigger to turn on the water flow.” Here, you can turn your pressure washer on and off with a switch, reducing water waste.

Detergent nozzles - can help you perform that extra-powerful clean by adding detergent to your new piece of kit. A detergent pressure washer tool can help when "you want to make your car shine."

Cleaning the mold from the vinyl siding on this exterior wall is a job for the handyman or the professional.
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Which type of washer is best for my patio?

From wooden decking to concrete, we have a short guide to pressure:

Wooden - requires a lower pressure with a wide angle nozzle, from a safe distance.

Brick - needs a medium-pressure washer to clean effectively, without any damage.

Stone - requires a low-pressure setting to avoid erosion, with the appropriate nozzle.

Concrete - needs a higher setting that'll remove dirt build-up and stains.

Paving - requires medium pressure, with an adjustable nozzle for the paving type.

How do I pressure wash a patio?

Thanks to Nilfisk's Power Washing Guide, we have an easy-breezy way of using your new washer.

Get your patio ready - by clearing the workspace for any chairs, plants and outdoor rugs. Nilfisk says they should be "kept far away or properly covered." Get your trusty broom out and start sweeping a little.

Connect to the water supply - to ensure water flows through the washer before hitting the power button.

Spray detergent on your patio - and let it sit for 15 to 20 minutes. Nilfisk suggests mixing a solution from their Active Stone Cleaner, which will help "remove any tough stains or worn-in dirt" before cleaning.

Now, pressure wash - your patio! Nilfisk suggests starting at one end and working your way across by "spraying in one direction and back another." They add to rinse regularly and make sure the water can drain away - then, start at the opposite side. Make sure to use an accessory head for a smooth clean.

Patio maintenance - comes next. After cleaning, the best way to keep it in great shape is to spray Nilfisk's Stone Sealer Detergent - once the water has dried. Check the condition of your patio post-clean before the aftercare by sweeping any loose sand back where it belongs. Then, spray and allow to dry for a week.

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