Beautiful window planter boxes for instant curb appeal

Find the perfect window planter box for your next gardening project.

by Stephanie Anthony |

A window planter box isn't only a great way to add a splash of colour to your garden - they're also perfect for optimising your space and giving you a beautiful view too. Imagine having a year-round display of flowers just outside your window!

There are so many window box planter ideas that you can create - you could grow daffodils and pansies in spring, tulips and marigolds in summer, dwarf sunflowers and dahlias in autumn and hellebores and cyclamen in winter.

You could even plant some evergreen shrubs for your own bit of topiary, or alternatively, use your window boxes to grow fruit and vegetables if you're short of a veg patch.

They're not just for your exterior house windows either - you can use window planters on the ground, inside on your window sill, on a balcony, to decorate a shed or summerhouse, or even a disused doorway.

Although it's possible to make your own window boxes, there are lots of beautiful specially made window boxes to buy. Take a look at the best window planter boxes on the market that will add some colour to your garden.

How to make a wooden window planter box

It's very simple to make a wooden window planter box - all you need is some spare wood, a saw, a drill and screws, and some protective outdoor paint.

Measure your window and cut your wood to size

Bear in mind the weight of your planter once filled, so don't be tempted to go too big! You can always make two smaller window boxes to sit side by side.

Screw the sides and base of your window box together

At this stage, you can also add a lining to help protect the interior of your window box from moisture. Coco liner, hanging basket liner or even plastic are good options for this.

Make a drainage hole

There aren't many plants that enjoy sitting in a puddle!

Paint your window box

Remember to use outdoor paint that will protect the wood.

Hang your window box

See all of the best tips for hanging and securing your window box planter below.

Get planting!

Using a variety of bulbs, perennials and bedding plants will create an exciting display of colour all year

How to secure a window box planter

In the video below contractor Tom Silva explains the different bolts that can be used to secure a window box planter in a brick wall, and shows how to measure the window and attach your window box.

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