Best cotton pyjamas for ladies for a comfortable sleep

Lightweight and breathable - cotton is the perfect cooling choice.

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Finding the best cotton pyjamas for ladies is a godsend for those looking for a breathable solution to keep you cool and comfortable throughout the night. If you have ever experienced a sleepless hot summer night, then cotton pyjamas are an excellent remedy for night sweats. Lightweight and breathable - these pieces are the perfect airy choice.

Plus, it's not just about comfort. Cotton is a sustainable natural fibre, making it a fantastic choice for those striving for more eco-friendly clothing. It is breathable, absorbent of moisture, chemical-free, long-lasting and woven from soft fibres. Most of our wardrobes will contain polyester - a synthetic fibre that doesn't breathe well. So if you are looking for breathable options - cotton, linen, and silk are your friend.

Best cotton pyjamas for ladies at a glance:

Best overall: John Lewis Wisteria Cotton Pyjama Set - view on John Lewis
• Best cotton pyjamas for winter: Marks and Spencer's Pure Cotton Palm Print Pyjama Set - view on M&S
• Best cotton pyjamas for summer: Short Pyjama Set - Eveliina Sage Gingham - view on Stripe and Stare

If you are looking to add more natural materials to your wardrobe -then cotton has many benefits. From the best cotton knickers to pyjamas. There is a whole range of clothing items that are made from 100 per cent cotton or a cotton blend. We have also rounded up our favourite cotton summer dresses for over 50s if you are looking to stay cool in the summer.

So, whether you're looking for a solution to those pesky hot flushes, a way to stay cool during the summer, or a more sustainable choice of sleepwear, cotton pyjamas are the way to go. With so many lovely options available, here are our top picks. From bold to simple designs - to shorts or long sleeves. Here are the best cotton pyjamas for ladies.

Best cotton pyjamas for ladies

Best cotton pyjamas for long bottoms

Drift into dreamland with the soft, breathable cotton of the John Lewis Wisteria Cotton Pyjama Set. Adorned with a charming wisteria print, the top features a classic button-down front and snug long sleeves. For comfort, the bottoms are designed with a loose fit and an elastic waist. In our opinion - John Lewis has some of the very best cotton pyjamas for ladies.

Sizes available 8-18

Best cotton pyjamas for long sleeves and shorts

Bold and beautiful, the Hush Aria Short Pyjamas are a statement that brings comfort. Crafted from a soft, lightweight cotton blend, they feature a striking zebra print. The scoop neck top and short sleeves pair perfectly with the loose-fitting shorts, complete with an elasticated waist.

Sizes available XXS- XL

Best simple cotton pyjamas shorts set

The Marks & Spencer Cotton Modal Shortie Revere Pyjama Set is where comfort meets style. Made from a breathable soft blend of cotton and modal, the top boasts a chic revere neckline and short sleeves. With their elasticated waist, the shorts ensure a relaxed fit - ready for a cool night's sleep.

Sizes available: 10-22

Best cotton pyjamas with t-shirt

With their cotton-rich fabric, these PJs feel gentle on your skin. Made with an easy elasticated waistline and short-sleeved marl top, which has the slogan 'Snooze' printed at the neckline is a lovely year-round piece that will keep you cool and comfy.

Sizes available: XS - XXL

Best cotton pyjamas for cropped bottoms

Delight in the cosmic charm of the Marks & Spencer Pure Cotton Cropped Pyjama Set. Pure cotton is breathable and will help you stay comfortable through the night. The cropped bottoms paired with short sleeve t-shirt are a fun addition to your bedtime wardrobe.

Sizes available XS-XXL

Best cotton pyjamas made from cotton poplin

Nothing beats a fresh pair of pyjamas. This stunning Isla set made from smooth cotton poplin is the perfect way to unwind after a long day. Featuring a colourful hummingbird print with vibrant foliage, they have a relaxed fit to keep us comfy through the night – or weekend.

Sizes available: XXS-XL

Best cotton pyjamas for winter

Tropical vibes come alive in the Marks & Spencer Pure Cotton Palm Print Pyjama Set. Crafted from pure cotton, the stylish palm print is a standout. The button-down top with long sleeves complements the loose-fitting shorts, designed with an elasticated waist for pure comfort.

Sizes available 6-22

Best cotton pyjamas made from organic cotton

Block Leaf Pyjama
Price: £47 (was £68)

The Jigsaw Block Leaf Pyjama Blue is a lovely blue beauty. Made from soft, organic cotton, it features a unique block plant print. The button-down top with long sleeves pairs perfectly with the loose-fitting shorts, complete with an elasticated waist.

Sizes available L-XL

Best cotton pyjamas for designs

Classic and comfortable, the Stripe & Stare Short Pyjama Set Eveliina Sage Gingham is a sleepwear staple. Made from soft, breathable cotton, it features a timeless gingham print. The button-down top with short sleeves and loose-fitting shorts, designed with an elasticated waist, are a lovely loungewear piece. It also comes in six designs.

Sizes available 6-22

FAQs: Best cotton pyjamas ladies UK

Why choose cotton clothes?

Cotton pyjamas are a popular choice due to their breathability and comfort. They are ideal for those who experience hot flushes or live in warmer climates, as cotton helps regulate body temperature, wick away moisture and helps to keep you cool during hot summer days and nights. For summer evenings - why not opt for one of our favourite ladies' cotton jackets for summer.

How do cotton pyjamas help with hot flushes?

Cotton is a natural fibre that is breathable and has excellent moisture-wicking properties. This means it can help to absorb sweat and allow it to evaporate, helping to cool the skin during a hot flush.

Are cotton pyjamas sustainable?

Yes, cotton is a renewable and biodegradable material, making it a more sustainable choice compared to synthetic materials. Choosing cotton pyjamas can be a part of a more holistic and environmentally-friendly lifestyle.

How should I care for my cotton pyjamas?

Most cotton pyjamas can be machine washed in warm water. It's best to avoid using bleach as it can weaken the cotton fibres over time. To dry, either tumble dry on a low setting or hang them up to air dry. Always check the care label on your pyjamas for specific washing instructions.

Can I wear cotton pyjamas in winter?

While cotton is known for its cooling properties, it can also be a good choice in winter, especially if you tend to overheat when sleeping. However, if you feel cold at night, you might want to consider heavier cotton flannel pyjamas.

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