How to cut your hair at home

Get salon hair at home with these tips and tricks

how to cut hair at home

by Michelle Nightingale |

If you’re overdue a hair appointment, then no doubt you’ve been left wondering how to manage your hair. There’s no need to panic though, while we might not do it quite like the professionals, just as we can get salon-worthy nails and hair removal from home, there are still lots of ways to keep your hair looking amazing from home.

It’s better to do the bare minimum rather than nothing at all, until normal life resumes. Use this time to learn how to do a proper blow-dry, create perfect curls and also give your hair a well-earned rest from chemical treatments. So when salons do re-open your hair will be in great condition for a style refresh!

hair cut at home

Less is more styling

Cutting down on daily styling with heated hair appliances is an easy way to boost your hair health. Why not also use the opportunity to master some basic styling techniques? A once-a-week styling session is a good chance to pamper yourself in these uncertain times and will still allow your hair a breather in between.

For professional results try these easy techniques from Martin Quenault, salon director at KH Hair’s Ashby salon

Hair cutting is definitely best left to the experts but if you must, try these trimming tips from Martin…

  • Only use hairdressing scissors – kitchen scissors are a definite no-go! (see further down for our recommended hairdressing scissors).

  • Don’t attempt a re-style. At most take off a very small amount and stick to the existing shape.

  • Only cut your hair dry, as it’s easier to cut too short if you try it on wet hair.

  • Take small sections and use the tips of the scissors to just take the ends off and chip into the hair, rather than making blunt lines in your style.

  • Tidy up a fringe using the same technique cutting up into the hair, rather than straight across.

  • Get someone to help do the back, or use two mirrors to help.

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A salon-worthy blow-dry in 5

  1. Start by applying a heat-protection spray and a volume-boosting mousse if you have one.

  2. Turn your head upside down and, using the medium heat but full power setting on your hairdryer, rough dry your hair by blasting from the roots.

  3. Use a large, round brush and take small sections the width of your brush.

  4. Place your brush at the root and lift as you work down the hair shaft, curling the hair under at the ends for bounce and volume.

  5. Continue working on each section until your hair is completely dry, then finish with a blast of cool air to boost shine.

Perfect your curl

  1. Section your hair and start underneath working towards the top section.

  2. Take small two-inch sections of hair and place the straighteners close to the root.

  3. Close them gently and turn them completely over 360 degrees then pull down as if straightening the hair (almost like scoring a ribbon).

  4. Release and allow the hair to curl back up and cool.

  5. To alter the size of the curl change the size of the section. Larger sections give more of a wave, while small sections give a tighter curl.

How to cut men's hair

If your partner or son is also looking a bit more rugged than usual, it's easier than you may think to use clippers to give his hair a trim.

The video below gives a simple tutorial. You can also use scissors if you don't feel comfortable using a trimmer.

The best scissors for cutting your hair at home

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Professional Hairdressing Scissors Set

Professional Hairdressing Scissors Set

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These scissors have sharp blades made of 100% Japanese 440C stainless steel with superior durability which will not damage or split hair ends. Convex edges give a smooth cutting action, perfect for slicing wet or dry hair.

CIICII Professional Hair Thinning & Cutting Scissors Kit

CIICII Professional Hair Thinning & Cutting Scissors Kit

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This kit is great for beginners, and includes a pair of hair thinning scissors for those with thicker hair. You can also use them for trimming beards, or even for grooming your pets.

10Pcs Hair Cutting Scissors Kit

10Pcs Hair Cutting Scissors Kit

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You can't go far wrong with this kit, including everything you need to cut hair at home for under £20!

HATTEKER Cordless Hair Trimmer

HATTEKER Cordless Hair Trimmer

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This multi-purpose trimmer is a great investment as, with 12 different attachments, it can be used for trimming hair all over the face and body. There's even an attachable nose trimmer. The USB charger and lithium-ion battery gives up to an hour run time when fully charged

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