How to save petrol and diesel

With petrol and diesel prices sky high, here are seven ways you can cut the cost and make your fuel last longer.

person filling up car fuel tank

by Bryony Firth-bernard |

We’ve all felt the pain of the rising fuel prices across the UK due to the on-going conflict between Russia and Ukraine and inflation.

According to the RAC, the average price of petrol now costs £1.51 per litre, while diesel has increased to £1.55 and although the government has tried to provide us with some relief by lowering fuel duty, we’re all still feeling the pinch.

If you’re struggling with the prices of petrol and diesel and only have a little left in your vehicle's tank, don’t panic, as there are some simple steps you can take to make what fuel you do have last longer. Here’s how…

1. Lighten the load

Is your car filled with a load of items you don’t need? Empty it! The heavier your vehicle the more fuel it will use, so take off that unused roof rack, trailer and empty your boot.

2. Don’t drive too fast

This will instantly eat into your fuel, so keep your right-foot on the acceleration pad light and gentle. The RAC advises driving in the highest gear possible for your vehicle where you can also stay within the speed limit. If you live in an urban area change through the gears quickly with the lowest revs possible.

3. Turn off your AC and heaters

Both air con and heaters use engine power to work, therefore increasing your fuel consumption, so try dressing weather appropriate so you don’t have to rely on these.

4. Make sure your tyres are inflated

Not only is this important for your own safety and to keep your tyres long lasting, but it will also improve the fuel economy of your vehicle too. If your tyres are under inflated it will increase your vehicle's drag, which means more energy is needed to overcome this, resulting in higher fuel consumption.

5. Shut your windows

Just like having under inflated tyres, having the windows open during your car journey will increase your vehicle's drag and will slow it down, so it’ll need extra energy and fuel to run. Try not to open them unless you desperately need to.

6. Combine journeys

Need to do a food shop, see a friend and go to the gym? Try and do all of these trips in one round rather than making lots of separate journey’s throughout your day. Your car operates more efficiently on a warm engine, whereas starting your car up several times a day with a cold engine can increase fuel consumption.

7. Shop around

Although petrol and diesel prices are pretty expensive everywhere you go, remember to still shop around to try and find the best prices. Fuel Genie allows you to pop in your postcode and will come up with the price of petrol and diesel prices near to you, so you can compare and go to the cheapest fuel station near you. You may only end up saving a little but remember, every little helps!

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