The Beatles documentary Get Back is now available to stream

Fans of The Beatles are in for a treat with the release of this new documentary.

The Beatles

by Lorna White |

The Beatles are one of the world's most famous bands of all time, and now, fans of the Liverpool foursome are able to take a sneak peak behind the scenes to see the making of their 1970 album, Let It Be.

The documentary is in three parts, with each episode running for around two to three hours each, with each part following the band's journey to create the album showing more of their upbeat side.

The documentary was directed and produced by Peter Jackson, who set out to dispel the myths that the making of Let It Be was full of tensions between the band members.

The remaining members of the band as well as John Lennon's widow Yoko Ono and George Harrison's widow Olivia were all supportive of the documentary, and Sir Paul McCartney has even commented on how the documentary has changed his perception of that period in their lives.

“I’ll tell you what is really fabulous about it, it shows the four of us having a ball,” he told The Sunday Times. “It was so reaffirming for me. That was one of the important things about The Beatles, we could make each other laugh.

“John and I are in this footage doing ‘Two Of Us’ and, for some reason, we’ve decided to do it like ventriloquists. It’s hilarious. It just proves to me that my main memory of the Beatles was the joy and the skill.”

The documentary is available to stream now on Disney+

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