The best toys of the 80s that will take you straight back in time

Zoom back in time as we take you on a journey through the most loved toys of the 1980s

80s toys Pac-Man, Simon and Game Boy

by Marina Avraam |

Leg warmers, mullets and The Breakfast Club are three things that defined the 1980s – admit it, just reading the words almost takes you back in time. But the same goes for the toys and games of that era. Whether you yourself were an 80's baby, or simply coming of age around that time, you’ll probably remember some of the most popular toys which - even after 40 years - remain iconic.

The Sony Walkman, Pound Puppy and Cabbage Patch Kids – feeling nostalgic yet? If you’re looking to take a trip down memory lane, we’ve created a list of the most-bought and most-talked about retro toys of the 80s. Most of these are still available for purchase if you feel like reliving some of your best childhood memories, or if you simply want to gift someone a piece of the good ol’ days.

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Pac-Man arcade game

Pac-Man, the most loved and most successful arcade game in history, was released back in the early 80s. The popular video game was created as a nonviolent alternative to the violent video games that dominated the industry. Instead of fighting, Pac-Man’s concept revolved around food, and the goofy but addictive game quickly became a sensation all around the world.

Collectible Retro Pac-Man Player

Pac-Man collectible retro player

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While many (many) spin-offs of the iconic game have been released, this micro-player contains artwork fully inspired by the original game and will whizz you straight back in time. Itu2019ll fit nicely in any game room or office and will make the perfect pastime game for when you have people over.

Care Bears

Care Bear vintage toys from the 80s

It can be hard to wrap our head around nowadays, but these colourful teddy bears were the 1980's version of viral. Initially starting as characters drawn on greetings cards, Care Bears quickly developed into a toy line and even starred in their very own TV show and movies!

Care Bears Collectible

Care Bear collectible vintage toys

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The original teddies that conquered the 80s are still available to buy and make the perfect gift for children. Available in different colours such as pink, green and purple, pick your favourite colour or, even better, collect them all.

My Little Pony

My Little Pony blue horse toy

If you were a young girl in the 80s, we’re sure that My Little Pony is firmly engrained in your memory. The franchise of colourful ponies with long hair and accessories gained popularity at the start of the decade, becoming the first-ever horse doll for girls.

My Little Pony Collection

My Little Pony retro toy

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My Little Pony toys made a comeback in 2020, celebrating 35 years since the first release. The reimagined toy ponies are back, and you can purchase the u2018mane 6u2019 all together with character-inspired poses and signature hairstyles.

Star Wars Figurines

Star Wars figurine collection from the 80s

Initially released in 1977, the Star Wars movies brought with them a line of figurines that every child throughout the 80s longed for. Luke Skywalker, Hans Solo and Darth Vader figurines were particularly sought-after by kids all over the world.

Star Wars The Black Series Hans Solo

Hans Solo vintage collectible figure

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As the Star Wars frenzy continues to this day, you can get your hands on your very own 40th anniversary Hans Solo figure in 1980s inspired packaging. If youu2019re looking for other figures from a galaxy far far away, Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia collectable vintage figurines are also on the market.

Cabbage Patch Kids

Cabbage Patch Kid redheaded doll

Coming across a shop stocked with Cabbage Patch Kids in the 80s was no easy feat, and when you did, it was usually a battle of which parent would snap it up first. The round-faced dolls with hair made of yarn were popular because of how unique and special they were; each doll had different coloured eyes, hair and clothing and came with their own birth certificate. It’s safe to say if you were a child in the 80s, you’d have been all over them.

Simon Game

Simon memory game in packaging

Named after the popular children’s game Simon Says, the Simon game was an electronic game of memory skill. We’re sure you’ll remember Simon being played at birthday parties, sleepovers and play dates, as the game slowly emerged as a pop culture icon of its era.

Original Simon Game

classic Simon game 80s

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Make board game nights more exciting by adding in the classic Simon gameplay. With each sequence becoming more and more difficult, this fast-paced game gets more exciting as you go along and is sure to keep you entertained.

The Walkman

original Sony Walkman cassette player

Okay, we know this isn’t technically a toy, but we just couldn’t help ourselves. The Walkman was the first-ever introduction to portable music, initially released by Sony in the form of a cassette tape player. Every kid in school wanted one, and if you were lucky enough to have one, all your friends wanted to have a listen. The Walkman revolutionised music as we know it, allowing teens and adults everywhere to make music part of their everyday lives, rather than just something they enjoyed at parties and discos!

Portable Cassette Converter

cassette player Walkman

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If you have any old mixtapes or other cassettes laying around, this Walkman will help you rediscover them. With over 1,000 rave Amazon reviews, we canu2019t think of a better way to go down memory lane.

Sony Hi-Res Digital Music Player

modern day Walkman by Sony

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While Sonyu2019s original cassette Walkman is no longer on the market, this contemporary version might be exactly what you need. The music playing device is a modern-day Walkman with touch-screen technology, up to 45 hours of playback and 16GB of memory u2013 not to mention a sleek design.

Koosh Ball

colourful Koosh balls in hand

While it’s not uncommon to come across a Koosh ball today, if you’re an 80's kid you’ll remember where it all began. The soft and colourful balls with long rubber strands were easy to catch and throw, and their squishiness also made them a perfect stress reliever.

Koosh Active Fun Toy

80s Koosh ball toys

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Luckily for you, you can still pick up your very own Koosh ball today, choosing from a variety of colours. Apart from being lots of fun, these also make for a great toy for motor and sensory learning.

Transformers Figurines

Transformers toy figures

In the mid-80s, the transformers saga begins, bringing with it the most sought-after toy line that every child dreamed of getting their hands on. More specifically, the Optimus Prime figurine was all the rage back in the day.

Transformers Optimus Prime Action Figure

Optimus Prime Transformers figurine

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Transforming from robot to vehicle, start reminiscing with your very own Optimus Prime figurine. This item is perfect if youu2019re an avid collector and would also make a great birthday or holiday gift for kids.

Pound Puppy

original Pound Puppy fluffy dog toys
©pen live

If your parents didn’t let you have a real dog, you’d have to settle for one of these. A Pound Puppy was an extremely popular line of toys in the 80s, advertised as lovable puppies that needed a home. Their droopy eyes and soft fur made them attractive to young children, and parents everywhere rejoiced at their children settling for make-believe versions instead.

Pound Puppy Classic

Pound Puppy toy classic

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If youu2019re a parent whose child is nagging for a puppy, consider buying this authentic reproduction of the original Pound Puppy toy. The toy comes with a name tag and adoption certificate and is great for encouraging imaginative and nurturing play.

Teddy Ruxpin

Teddy Ruxpin teddy bear original packaging

What beats a cute and cuddly bear? A cute and cuddly bear that talks. Teddy Ruxpin was the first-ever talking bear, telling kids of the 80s some of the best bedtime stories via cassette tape. While some people thought Teddy Ruxpin was what nightmares were made of, other children became attached to the storytelling bear, and Teddy Ruxpin quickly became an 80s phenomenon.

Nintendo Game Boy

Nintendo Game Boy console original with orange background
©End gadget

The more-than iconic Game Boy just makes the cut, being released at the edge of the decade in 1989. If you were around in the late 80s and 90s, there’s no doubt you, or someone in your household owned one. Siblings argued relentlessly over whose turn it was, and kid’s favourite pastime was trading Game Boy games during playtime.

Original Gameboy Console

original Nintendo Game Boy vintage console

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While the original Game Boy is unsurprisingly difficult to get your hands on, you can still snap one up from individual sellers on Amazon. Cult-favourite games such as Super Mario are also available to buy, and will immediately hook you in, making you feel like a kid all over again.

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