• DK-weight acrylic yarn in the following colours: white, peach, pink, walnut, black, stone, parchment, cream
  • 7.5cm (2 ¼ in) and  9cm (3 ½ in) diameter pompom makers
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun

RHE Right-hand edge
LHE Left-hand edge
F Front
B Back


Step 1: For nose, from centre towards RHE, wind 10 wraps of walnut in a wedge with widest part at centre. For tongue, wind 6 wraps of peach and fondant together to right of walnut.

Step 2: For muzzle, wind 50 wraps of white and cream over right half in a wedge with widest part at centre. Stop before RHE. Wind 60 wraps of parchment over left half. Stop before LHE.  

Step 3: For eyes, wind 20 wraps
of black at centre where cream and parchment meet, winding towards LHE for 4 wraps and then back and forth.

Step 4: Wind 30 wraps of parchment to cover black eyes. Wind 90 wraps of parchment in a wedge over parchment and half of cream muzzle.  

Step 5: Wind 60 wraps of stone evenly over empty space at RHE and cream muzzle, stopping at parchment.

Step 6: Wind 140 wraps of stone over maker, including space at LHE. Fill other half with stone. Complete pompom.
Step 7: Trim face until features become clear. Leave yarn for muzzle and nose longer than eyes and forehead.

Step 8: Trim back of head, leaving yarn longer for ears. Keep trimming until you are happy with the shape. Add highlight to eyes by sewing a length of white yarn through each pupil, then trim.Step 11: For body, wind 110 wraps of cream and white from LHE to RHE of maker.

Step 12: Wind 70 wraps of stone over cream and white.
Fill other half of maker with stone. Complete and trim body. Trim bottom flat and chest slightly shorter than haunches and back using a glue gun.

Yours tip: Plait together several strands of contrast colour yarn to make a collar for your pompomeranian.

Project courtsey of Pompomania by Christine Leech (Quadrille £10) Photography: Joanna Henderson.