Mouse Tea Cosy

Mouse Tea Cosy


 To fit a two-cup teapot that’s 11cm/4½in tall. The actual cosy is 10.5cm/4¼in tall and has a circumference of 24cm/9½in.

  • 1 50g ball of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran in shade
    027 Stone (A)
  • Small amount of pale pink
    DK weight yarn (B)
  • Pair of 4.5mm (UK 7)
    knitting needles
  • 2 8mm/3⁄8in black buttons
  • A handful of toy stuffing
  • Black thread and needle

20 sts and 27 rows = 10cm/4in square over st-st using 4.5mm needles in yarn A. 


1x1rib – (k1, p1 across RS rows, p1, k1 across WS rows); beg – beginning;  DK – double knitting; inc – increase(ing); k – knit; m1 – make one stitch (pick up loop between last and next stitch and work into the back of this loop); k2 tog – knit two together; p – purl; patt –pattern; psso – pass slipped stitch over; p2sso – pass 2 slipped stitches over; rem – remain(ing); rep – repeat; RS – right side; s1 – slip 1 stitch knitways; s2 – slip 2 stitches knitways; ssk – slip one stitch, slip one stitch, knit slipped stitches together;  st(s) – stitch(es); st-st – stocking stitch (knit RS rows, purl WS rows); tog – together; WS – wrong side



Main piece (make 2)

Cast on 24 sts in A.

Row 1 Knit.

Beg with a k row, work 4 rows in st-st.

Row 6 k2, [m1, k4] 5 times, 

m1, k2. 30 sts.

Beg with a p row, work 21 rows in st st.

Row 28 k1, [s2, k1, p2sso, k2] 

5 times, s2, k1, p2sso, k1. 18 sts.

Row 29 purl.

Row 30 [s2, k1, p2sso] to end. 6 sts.

Break yarn, thread through rem sts, pull firmly and secure.


Cast on 34 sts in A.

Beg with a k row, work 2 rows in st-st.

Row 3 k6, ssk, k1, k2tog, k12, ssk, k1, k2tog, k6. 30 sts.

Row 4 and every alt row: purl.

Row 5 k5, ssk, k1, k2tog, k10, ssk, k1, k2tog, k5. 26 sts.

Row 7 k4, ssk, k1, k2tog, k8, ssk, k1, k2tog, k4. 22 sts.

Row 9 k3, ssk, k1, k2tog, k6, ssk, k1, k2tog, k3. 18 sts.

Row 11 k2, ssk, k1, k2tog, k4, ssk, k1, k2tog, k2. 14 sts.

Row 13 k1, ssk, k1, k2tog, k2, ssk, k1, k2tog, k1. 10 sts.

Row 15 ssk, k1, k2tog, ssk, k1, k2tog. 6 sts.

Do not work a purl row after row 15.

Break yarn, thread through rem sts, pull firmly and secure.


(Make 2)

Cast on 3 sts in A.

Row 1 [inc] 3 times. 6 sts.

Beg with a p row, work 3 rows in st-st.

Row 5 k1, ssk, k2tog, k1. 4 sts.

Row 6 [p2tog] twice. 2 sts.

Row 7 [inc] twice. 4 sts.

Row 8 [inc purlwise, p1] twice. 6 sts.

Beg with a k row, work 3 rows in st-st.

Row 12 [p2tog] 3 times. (3 sts.)

Cast off.


Cast on 5 sts in B.

Beg with a k row, 

work 60 rows in st-st.

Row 61 ssk, k1, k2tog. (3 sts.)

Break yarn, thread through rem sts, pull firmly and secure.


Thread one of the yarn tails at the top of one of the main cosy pieces though the rem sts of both pieces. Pull up tightly and secure. Sew down 6cm/2½in at the top of both sides with flat stitch and sew up 1.5cm/½in at the bottom of both sides, to leave space for the handle and spout. Sew the lower seam of the head using mattress stitch, stuff, then sew the eyes in place. Oversew the head in position. Fold the ear pieces so the right sides are on the inside and oversew the curved edges, leaving the lower edge open. Turn the right way out and sew in place using the photograph above as a guide. Using B, work a coil of chain stitches for the nose. Join the long seam of the tail and stitch in place. Weave in all loose ends.

  • It’s essential to work to the stated tension to ensure success. If necessary, change the needle size to give the correct tension. Yarn quantities are based on average requirements when specified tension and yarn is used. Different wool may be used but ensure the tension of replacement yarn matches that stated in the pattern for best results.


This knitting pattern was taken from Knitted Animal Cozies by Fiona Goble

  • Photography by Penny Wincer © CICO Books

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