Make your own bird feeder

If you're looking after your grandchildren over the Easter break, you’re probably racking your brains thinking of ideas to keep them entertained! So, with spring just around the corner, why not try making this simple bird feeder with your little ones? It will let them get creative and a little messy, all whilst bringing beautiful birds to your garden. 

You will need

  • An empty plastic jar, similar to the one below

  • A long twig 

  • Your choice of birdseed

  • Your choice of fat such as beef dripping or lard

  • Paintbrushes

  • Some string

  • PVA glue

  • Black and white paint

  • A fork 


1. Take the clean and empty jar and start to paint it white. Once the white paint has dried, add some of the black paint over the top to create a tree bark effect on the jar. 



2. Melt the fat and birdseed together in a jug. Once the paint has dried, use a piece of paper as a funnel in the top of the jar. Pour the melted fat and birdseed mixture into the jar. 

3. Insert the stick into the jar and leave to set. Once set, use the string to tie the jar to a tree branch and leave for birds to come and help themselves.