Liquorice allsorts

Liquorice allsorts


  • DK-weight acrylic yarn in the following colours: white, black, fondant, citron, walnut and aster
  • 3
    3.5cm (1 ? in) and
    5.5cm (2 ? in) diameter pompom makers
  • Scissors

Step 1:

Wind 20 wraps of black at centre of one half of a 3.5cm (1?in) maker, creating a wedge.

Wind 30 wraps of citron (or fondant) on both sides of black wedge. 

Wind 30 wraps of citron evenly over entire maker. Fill other half of maker with citron. Complete and remove from maker.

With black spot top and bottom, trim pompom into a neat round, then trim top and base into a slightly flatter shape.

Step 2: (The stripey allsort)

The most common of the Allsort family, this three-layer delicacy comes in various colourways but always with a centre liquorice stripe.

Wind 60 wraps of white 3 on a 3.5cm (1?in) maker, leaving far edges empty. Wind 30 wraps of black, filling gaps at edges.
Repeat on other half
of maker using walnut (or fondant or aster) and black. Complete and remove from maker.
Flatten pompom with white and walnut top and bottom. Trim sides into a square. Trim top and base into a flatter shape.

Yours tip: To make the nasty blue one (the one that gets left in the packet until you are desperate for something to eat) wind three shades of blue yarn together across
a 3.5cm (1 ?in) maker.

Project courtsey of Pompomania by Christine Leech (Quadrille £10) Photography: Joanna Henderson.

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