Claire Williams

How to make personalised tile coasters

Claire Williams
How to make personalised tile coasters

Use painted tiles to create unique and colourful coasters decorated with your grandchildren’s drawings or hand prints

Watch the how-to video here:

Step 1: Preparation

Protect your table with dust sheets and ask your child to choose a selection of their favourite hand-drawn pictures.

Step 2: Painting your tiles

Paint your tiles using a tester pot colour of your choice. You may need two coats for a nice even coverage. Ensure you have a pot of water handy to clean your brushes.

Step 3: Carefully apply PVA

Apply a coat of PVA glue to your tiles.

Step 4: Sticking your drawings

Carefully stick your cut out drawings to the tiles.                                                            

Step 5: Sealing your drawings

Brush a thin coat of PVA glue over the top of your drawing. Be careful not to brush the glue over the image too many times, as your drawing may smudge.

Step 6: Allow to dry 

Let the glue dry until it looks clear – this usually takes around a couple of hours.

Step 7: Turn your tile into a coaster

On the other side of the tile, stick a felt pad in each corner.