Embroidered bunny


  • Eight inch embroidery hoop
  • Spring themed fat quarter
  • Felt sheet – white and pink
  • Embroidery thread – white, pink and black
  • Ribbon bow (optional)
  • Wool for pom pom tail (optional)


  1. Stretch your chosen fat quarter fabric through the hoop and tighten until the fabric is flat and firm. Cut a simple rabbit shape out of one colour of felt. This shape tlooks like two circles slightly overlapping - then cut feet and ears separately out of the same colour.
  2. Using the base shapes as a template, cut smaller shapes out of the second colour of felt for the details on the feet and ears.
  3. Stitch the details to the base shapes using a small, even running stitch in an embroidery thread of the same colour. For the eyes, make a knot in a black embroidery thread and stitch up from the back of the body piece until the knot stops the thread from pulling through. Make 2 or 3 knots as close to the felt as possible, to create a round shape.
  4. Bring the thread back through the felt and knot off on the other side to finish. For the nose, make a large horizontal stitch pink thread. Just below this, make another stitch which is a little shorter in length. Continue this until your stitches have created an upside down triangle shape.
  5. Starting with the ears, layer each part of the base shape onto the embroidery hoop and pin into place. The ears have to be attached first so that the body overlaps, and the feet are sewn on last.
  6. Start to sew the ears to the hoop using an embroidery thread of the same colour. For a subtle finish, use a small, even running stitch. Stitch the body into place. Stitch the feet into place.
  7. You can finish the design by adding little details such as bows, pompoms, hand-embroidery or other embellishments. A white thread can be used to create whiskers and you could also add a small bow and then a woolly pompom tail.

Project courtsey of Hobbycraft

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