How to make the most of your shed

How to make the most of your shed

Is your shed a hut of chaos where you shut away all the clutter from your garden? It seems you're not the only one as new research from rubbish removal service, Clearabee, shows that us Brits have neglected our shed space for far too long.

The research has revealed that only a third of us Brits know exactly what is lurking in our sheds, with 56 per cent of us longing to use our shed space for something other than storage such as a gym, home-office or summer house!

With summer in full swing, it's the perfect time to spend time outdoors clearing out your shed and turning it into a more practical shed or an entirely different space. 

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A practical shed

Add shelving to your shed to organise all your tools. Put your everyday tools on the middle shelf so they are easily accessible and heavier items on bottom shelves to avoid any nasty accidents. Organise any gardening equipment or tools on hooks. Hooks can even be added to the ceiling of your shed to store bikes or the back of the door to use up that all important space.  

Summer house

  1. Clean and prepare your sheds surfaces so they are smooth and ready for painting.

  2. Plan how the exterior of your summer house will look and paint the house in colours of your choice.

  3. Decorate the outside of your summerhouse with window boxes and plant pots full of your favourite flowers.

  4. Make the inside cosy by first insulating the house before adding furniture and decorating with your favourite added touches.

Gym space 

  1. Carefully consider what kind of flooring is best for your gym space, from vinyl, laminate or tiles - it really depends what exercise you like to do.

  2. It's important to make sure your gym is well ventilated so ensure there's a window to open when you exercise.

  3. Fill your gym with your chosen gym equipment.

Home office or studio 

  1. Plan exactly how you want your office space to look and what you need to have in there. If you're keeping important equipment in there, it's very important to make sure the shed is insulated and damp-proof.

  2. Call in an electrician to connect the shed to mains electricity so you can use computers or other equipment.

  3. Ensure the studio is well lit so you can work and also ensure there are heaters in there for the colder months.

  4. Fit secure locks onto the shed as it is likely expensive equipment will be stored inside.

  • For help clearing out your unwanted clutter visit Clearabee

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