How to make a fairy garden

If you've ever wanted to create a fairy garden, here are all the ideas and inspiration you need


What is a fairy garden?

If you grew up longing for a doll's house, or loved making little dresses for your teddies, then we suspect you'll love the growing trend for fairy gardens. These teeny, tiny works of art are essentially miniature rock gardens fit for a fairy to live in. They are all shapes and sizes, and the world is your oyster when it comes to creativity. It's such a fun project, and grandchildren will love helping you work your magic.

Another great thing about them is that they'll fit into the smallest garden, or are happy to perch on a window sill or anywhere else in your home. And the upkeep is minimal - no hefty lawnmower required!

Why not create a tiny picnic for fairies?

Why not create a tiny picnic for fairies?

How to make a fairy garden

Start small - buy or make a welcoming little door or bench. You can create one from modelling clay, lolly sticks or buy one ready-made from Fairy Gardens UK or Etsy.

Pop it into a low bowl or flower pot, on top of some gravel and soil. Tuck in some real or artificial moss, and plant some small flowers - lily of the valley will look particularly magical with its dainty hanging bells, while primroses add warmth. You could even add succulents if you're not that reliable when it comes to watering...

Add intrigue with a little path of gravel, bark or shining glass nuggets - or add glitter for a true fairy tale touch. Then you can go to town with ornaments.


Fairy garden accessories

There are all sorts of adorable accessories and ornaments you can adorn your fairy garden with. We love these sweet fairy houses, fairy garden pond and fairy mushroom table and chair set.

Or get started with this fairy garden kit 

You can also buy a children's fairy garden kit for the grandchildren to get stuck in.


Once you've started, you'll find it hard to stop. Before you know it, your pots will be awash with fairy lights, matchstick picket fences, multicoloured toad stools and fairy furniture. You can add teeny trees, bridges, solar lights and even water features - it's the most fun DIY ever. But the real joy is that you don't have to contain yourself - why not create some themed pots based on specific fairy stories, or designed to suit your favourite flowers? The miniature world is your oyster!