5 ways to make money from your garden

5 ways to make money from your garden

Easy ways to profit from your plot!

1. Propagate seedlings to sell at car boot sales and local shops. If you have a greenhouse you can make £60-£100 a month profit from this.

2. Grow edible flowers such as nasturtiums (salads and pasta dishes) and sweet violets (sweet and savoury dishes) to sell at markets. These are increasingly popular for adventurous cooks and you could charge more for the slightly more exotic ones.

3. If you have a large garden, rent some out as allotments. The amount you can make depends on demand, but you could also include fruit and veg as part of your payment in the contract, which could work out 4more valuable than the money.

4. Hire out your garden for parties,so long as it’s big enough and has access separate from your back door. If you have a toilet that is separate, even better. If you’re a good cook, add in catering as an extra.

5. Keep bees or chickens in your back garden. Both activities involve work, but can be very rewarding in eggs and honey to sell to neighbours, friends or outside your front door. More at The British Beekeepers' Association and the RSPCA.