The best resin kits for beginners

Jewellery, coasters, hair-clips or frames - make cute and stylish trinkets for your home or for friends.

Resin crafts

by Eleanor Weaver |

Resin crafts have surged in popularity as a fun and versatile craft you can make at home, especially over the past year when we've all had more time on our hands at home! That's why, at Yours, we've popped together the best resin kits for beginners in the UK.

Resin (or in full, Epoxy resin) is a two-component mix made up of a resin and a hardener. By simply mixing the two together, a chemical reaction causes the liquid resin to gradually harden into a solid plastic.

Resin is accessible to buy, eco-friendly and a great craft material for beginners to make loads of crafts at home!

What can you make with epoxy resin?

Epoxy resin has been used in a huge variety of industries to manufacture adhesives, seal and prime materials in construction and even in shipbuilding!

For us home-crafters, you can use it to make a huge variety of things. To name a few, you can create paperweights, frames, jewellery, coasters, hair clips, buttons, napkin rings, ornaments, keyrings, doorknobs, trays, dishes, tealight holders, trinkets and pendants… you can really let your imagination run wild!

You can also use it to add a high-shine gloss coating to work surfaces, pictures and other homemade crafts.

This crafting material is super versatile and easy to make. So, have fun and play around!

Check out some of our ideas below.

What do you need for resin crafting?

All you need for resin crafting is:

  • PPE equipment, which includes: nitrile gloves, goggles and a mask - make sure to work in a ventilated room.

  • Epoxy Resin Kit, containing: resin and a hardener

  • Mixing Sticks & Containers

  • Moulds

  • Any additives or colourings you’d like to add!

How do I mix my resin kit?

  1. Mix an equal amount of resin to hardener in a mixing cup.

  2. Stir well for 3-4 minutes.

  3. Then, pour your mixture into your mould.

  4. Make sure to spread out the mixture in the mould - to remove and pop any air bubbles.

  5. You have around 45 minutes to make your craft - before it begins to harden!

The resin can take 24 hours to set so wait patiently before removing it from your mould and sanding down the edges.

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Where can I buy Epoxy Resin Kits?

You can buy your epoxy resin kit online or in your local craft store.

We've listed some below that you can buy online today.

How do I customise my resin design?

Coloured Resin

While the epoxy resin comes out clear, that doesn't mean you can't add colour to your mix. To add colour, use alcohol inks, acrylic paint or special epoxy dyes like the below. We'd also recommend being sparing with your colour drops - a little colour goes a long way! Experiment with mixing and create a unique finish for custom designs.

Additives for your Resin

You can customise your design by adding things to your resin to make it even more dynamic and give that extra pizzazz. Some great options to add can be:

Use old craft supplies from around the house or off-cuts from other crafts to make sure nothing goes to waste.

Resin Craft Ideas for Beginners

We've listed some fab resin craft ideas for beginners that are super simple to make including bookmarks, a terrarium, fairy pendants, coasters, letter keyrings and hair clips.

These are all fun crafts you can make to have in your home, gift to friends or family or even make to sell!

Resin crafts are booming on Etsy at the moment.



Fairy Pendants


Letter Keyrings

Hair Clips

Where can I buy moulds for my resin?

A key part of making your resin craft is having a mould to cure it in.

So long as the material of your mould is flexible enough to eject your finished product, you can use candy, chocolate or baking moulds you already have around the home.

Alternatively, you can easily buy resin moulds online or try your hand at making your own.

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Need Inspiration?

As resin crafts are booming at the moment, there's no end to the inspiration you can find on social media, from home crafters to people who have turned their passion for resin into a business.

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