Best sewing machine bags that are stylish and practical

Do you like to sew on the go? Then here are the best sewing machine bags to help you stay organised.

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by Ellen Kinsey |

Whether you are looking for a place to store your sewing machine and accessories or are after a practical way to transport your machine when on the go, sewing machine bags are an excellent way to stay organised. We have selected the best sewing machine bags to transport to a sewing class, holiday, craft night, or your friend's house that are reliable and look lovely too.

As some machines are quite heavy, a carrying case will help you transport it easily, and there are even ones on wheels to relieve you from straining your back.

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We have picked out sewing machine bags that are made from durable materials, and have additional padding and some with extra storage compartments, so you do not have to cram all your accessories in the same spot as your sewing machine.

What to consider when buying a sewing machine bag

Carrying style: Not all sewing bags are made the same when it comes to portability. If you are often taking your sewing machine on the go, it is best to find a sewing bag with a few different methods of carrying it. Also, if you find it hard to carry items, then consider getting a rolling sewing machine bag to make it easier.

Durable materials: Naturally, you will want your product to last. Most bags are made from either polyester, nylon or a combination of the two. These materials can be easily cleaned and are long-lasting.

Pockets and compartments: If you want a sewing machine bag that doubles as a storage bag, there are many fantastic options out there with plenty of compartments and pockets; as we all know, sewing requires a lot of accessories. However, if you want a bag that simply carries your sewing machine with no added compartments, that is an option too.

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Cost: Of course, the price will determine your bag's features. If you want something cheap and cheerful with one compartment, we have provided options. We have also included bags with nifty designs, lots of compartments and beautiful prints if that is what you are looking for.

So let's take a look at the best sewing machine bags to keep your machine and accessories in one place.

The best sewing machine bags

Luxja Sewing Machine Carrying Bag

Best overall sewing machine bag
Luxja Sewing Machine Carrying Bag

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Rated with 4.8 stars on Amazon with thousands of praising reviews, this sewing machine bag is stylish, practical and reliable. It is made from heavy-duty nylon, scratch-resistant, and is very durable. It fits most standard sewing machines, like Brother and Singer.

It is designed to open at the top to place your sewing machine inside easily and features two well-sized side pockets and a large front pocket containing little pouches. Plus, there are two pockets in the lid. and thick removable padding on the bottom to protect your machine from bumps and falls. 

There are also three different methods of carrying this bag: a standard handle, a padded shoulder strap, and a vertical strap on the back, which lets you slide it over a trolley handle. 

Key specifications:
Dimensions: L43.5 x W24 x H30.5cm
Colours available: Black, black dots, blue, grey, grey dots and purple
Carrying style: Carrying handle and vertical strap

Review: "I bought this for my Singer Heavy duty sewing machine, and I am very pleased with it. Very sturdy, quite large and well made and has lots of room and storage for cotton etc. My machine is a bit taller than most, so it does come nearly to the top of the bag but closes absolutely fine; I just have to use the compartments in the top for items that won't damage my machine, using them for velcro and fabric, needles etc. The polka dot design is beautiful, and I would buy it again. Excellent."

ProCase Sewing Machine Bag Case

Best sewing machine bag with transparent pockets
ProCase Sewing Machine Bag Case

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Compatible with most standard sewing machines such as brands like Singer, Brother, Janome, etc. - The ProCase sewing machine bag has everything you need to keep your sewing essentials organised. Made from durable polyester fabric and many transparent pockets for all your sewing kits and accessories, this bag will help you see what you have in your bag clearly. 

There are even drawstrings for handling your thread neatly and making them readily accessible. In terms of the carrying style, there is a handle and a padded shoulder strap. If you are after a sewing machine bag that is easy to organise and has clear compartments, this is an excellent choice. 

Key specifications:
Dimensions: L40.6 x W33.6 x H26 cm
Colours available: Grey and purple
Carrying style: Carrying handle and shoulder strap

Review: "Wanted a bag that kept all of my sewing bits together, including my machine. This fits the bill and is reasonably priced. It fit my John Lewis machine in inc plug and foot press with plenty of room for fabric or patterns. Lots of pockets and sections to keep all your bits and pieces organised. I love it and love that almost everything is now in one place."

Everything Mary Sewing Machine Case

Best collapsible sewing machine bag
Everything Mary Collapsible Sewing Machine Case

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This lovely collapsible sewing machine will fold in on itself for easy storage when you're not using it. Perfect if you don't have a lot of space and don't want to leave the bag lying around. Not only is this bag a space-saver, but it is made from high-quality polyester and can roll using the telescoping handle. You can also carry it with the two side handles if you wish. 

It comes in three different designs and is perfect if you want a simple bag purely for the sewing machine that can pack away in a jiffy.

Key specifications:
Dimensions: 42 x 35.5 x12.7cm
Colours available: Teal floral, cheetah print and blue dot
Carrying style: Side handles and roller

Review: "Absolutely perfect for transporting my sewing machine. I have problems carrying it so needed something to get it around. Love it"

Hobby Gift Sewing Machine Carry Bag

Best budget sewing machine bag

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The Hobby Gift sewing machine bag has been designed to fit most sewing machines and has a spacious front pocket which provides space for your pedal, cables and other small accessories. 

Crafted from heavy-duty waterproof fabric, this bag is excellent for transportation and, at under £20, makes a fantastic sewing machine bag for the bare essentials. 

Key specifications:
Dimensions: 34 x 46 x 22cm
Colours available: Teal and grey
Carrying style: Carrying straps.

Review: "This is a strong, good-quality bag that nicely fits a sewing machine, making it easier to carry about."

foolsGold Pro Thick Padded Sewing Machine Trolley Bag

Best sewing machine trolley bag
foolsGold Pro Thick Padded Sewing Machine

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If you would like a sewing machine trolley bag, this would be excellent. The bag is thick and padded, giving you a comfortable and easy way to safely carry around your sewing machine. It features reinforced handles and a solid base to ensure your sewing machine does not get damaged. It also has four feet on the external base of the bag to keep the bag from getting damp or dirty.

The large main compartment fits most classic sewing machine brands and contains an additional large front pocket, three internal pockets and a mesh pocket on each side for other accessories. 

Key specifications:
Dimensions: ‎56 x49.x 27 cm
Colours available: Charcoal and blue or charcoal and pink
Carrying style: Trolley, reinforced carry handles on both sides and top carry handles.

Review: "Love this bag! Exactly as described and arrived very promptly! Very easy to move the machine about! I would definitely recommend this."

Yarwo Sewing Machine Trolley Bag on Wheels

Best sewing machine trolley bag for versatility
Yarwo Sewing Machine Trolley Bag

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This detachable trolley bag and foldable design can be used as a sewing machine trolley bag or tote bag, making this an extremely versatile choice. 

The main compartment stores most standard sewing machines, and the front compartment is designed for sewing supplies, like needles and scissors. There is also an additional bottom wooden board pad that is removable and gives your machine great protection.

Key specifications:
Dimensions: ‎42 x 24. x 31.5 cm
Colours available: Black With Oval Pattern, Grey With Arrow Pattern, Grey With Oval Pattern and Purple
Carrying style: Trolley, reinforced carry handles on both sides and top carry handles.

Review: "Excellent design and particularly good with not having to carry item, just rolls along! Also, plenty of space for carrying small items with the machine."

John Lewis & Partners Strawberry Thief Print Sewing Machine Bag

Best looking sewing machine bag
John Lewis & Partners Strawberry Thief Print Sewing Machine Bag

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This gorgeous sewing machine bag is made from cotton made with a Strawberry Thief print from John Lewis. This bag is perfect for keeping the keen sewer organised and fully mobile. It features a secure zip-fastening and generous size compartment with carrying handles that enable you to transport your machine on the go. It also comes with a front zip pocket for essentials. Plus, it can be used as a general crafts bag too!

Key specifications:
Dimensions: ‎D15 x W33 x H48cm
Colours available: Blue Bramble Sewing Machine Bag and Strawberry Thief Print Sewing Machine Bag also available
Carrying style: Carrying straps.

Review: "Good size to store hobby/craft items. Material and colour of bag beautiful it is one of my most favourite patterns."

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