The Good Karma Hospital season four: release date, cast and news

Find out more about the popular medical drama series set in tropical Southern India.

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by Emily Thorpe |

We were so pleased to hear The Good Karma Hospital was coming back to our screens for a fourth series.

In case you missed it, the show follows junior doctor Ruby Walker (Amrita Acharia) who decides to leave the UK for sunnier climes. She applies for a hospital job in south India and finds herself working at The Good Karma Hospital, which is under-resourced and overworked, and run by eccentric ex-pat Dr Lydia Fonseca (Amanda Redman).

Series one, which was filmed in Sri Lanka, despite being set in Goa, was a ratings hit, with 6.2 million viewers tuning in. But what's in store for the fourth series?

Good Karma Hospital series four plot

Series four finds the tropical Indian hospital busy as ever. The fierce and passionate Dr Lydia Fonseca is forced to confront her complex past and has to handle some home truths in order to save Greg (McConnell) from deportation and perhaps even their future together.

With Ruby still reeling following Gabriel’s shock departure, she struggles to see into an uncertain future, makes rash decisions and tries to find ways to vent her fury.

Two new doctors arrive at The Good Karma Hospital. Charismatic British Asian Dr Samir Hasan and Dr Nikita ‘Niki’ Sharma, the epitome of a young, privileged Indian woman who is getting a taste of medicine at the sharp end.

Good Karma Hospital season four cast and characters

Dr. Lydia Fonseca (Amanda Redman)

Dr. Lydia Fonseca

Fiercely passionate, often outspoken, Doctor Lydia Fonseca is the driving force behind The Good Karma Hospital. In Series Four we will discover more about this complex woman as she revisits her past.

Dr. Ruby Walker (Amrita Acharia)

Ruby Walker

During her time in India, Ruby has flourished at the Good Karma Hospital, helping hundreds of patients. In this series, Ruby will have the life-changing experience of caring for her dying father, a milestone that will force her to reassess her priorities and crystalise what she wants from her own life.

Greg McConnell (Neil Morrissey)

Greg McConnell

Greg is furious and steps in when local louts bully a young British neurodiverse birdwatcher called Bobby. Events escalate and our beloved bar tender is soon facing assault charges. The charges are dropped, but a larger problem looms. Greg’s brush with the law has highlighted problems with his Visa and he finds himself facing expulsion from India.

Dr. Ram Nair (Darshan Jariwala)

Dr. Ram Nair

Decent, kind and responsible, Ram Nair is still the official head of The Good Karma Hospital. Ram is disgruntled when Lydia overrides him on the Nipah case then learns that the young doctor Niki has secretly defied his orders on a patient case. He feels his authority is being stripped at all levels. Ram asserts his authority pronouncedly, however, when local politician Hira Grover presumes to suggest that Lydia does not belong in India, reminding Lydia of all they have achieved together building The Good Karma Hospital.

Nurse Mari Rodriguez (Nimmi Harasgama)

Nurse Mari Rodriguez

Mari has always been the dedicated, professional, and – above all – reliable pair of hands that keep the hospital running smoothly but will put herself on the line for what she feels is right.

Dr. Samir Hasan (Harki Bhambra)

Dr Samir Hasan

The big news for Series Four is the introduction of Dr. Samir Hasan, a British Asian Muslim medic who brings energy and charisma to The Good Karma Hospital. A high-flier back in the UK, Samir has been in India for just a short while when we meet him, through Ruby.

Dr Nikita ‘Niki’ Sharma (Rebecca Ablack)

Dr Nikita ‘Niki’ Sharma

The daughter of a successful private surgeon, who believes Niki needs to get a dose of real life working in a community hospital under the tutelage of his good friend Ram. Niki is stylish, organised and very confident. She works hard, ever focused on getting a result and she’s not wholly convinced she needs Ram’s help, preferring to do things her own way. The question is, will this wannabe dermatologist, destined for a life pandering to the whims of wealthy women, find a home at The Good Karma Hospital – and accept Ram’s sage support.

Frankie Martin (Raquel Cassidy)

Frankie Martin

Frankie Martin is a single parent to Bobby. She’s smart and tricky but also great fun. They have come to India together so that Bobby can observe the nation’s birds in their natural habitat. Bobby is neurodiverse and protective-mum Frankie can’t help but helicopter over him.

Bobby Martin (Connor Catchpole)

Bobby Martin

Bobby Martin has been besotted with wildlife since he was a child and especially birdlife. He has taken photographs of every British bird. When he mentioned a trip to India to see the birds in Kerala, Frankie called his bluff – they could come to India if Bobby paid for his own ticket. To her surprise, Bobby got a job at the local Poundstore and saved up. Bobby is on a mission to prove to Frankie that he can live independently.

Jules Fonseca (Ace Bhatti)

Jules Fonseca is charming, manipulative, capricious, and exudes power. Mostly, he likes to play mind games and to win them, whatever the cost.

The Good Karma Hospital season four release date

The Good Karma Hospital season 4 premiered on ITV and ITV Hub at 8pm on Sunday 23rd January 2022. Like the previous series, the season is expected to have six episodes.

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