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Robert Rinder

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Robert Rinder is a British barrister, television personality, and author. Commonly known as Judge Rinder, he gained fame through his role as the presiding judge on the reality courtroom series "Judge Rinder" where he became a household name, attracting audiences with his entertaining and informative approach to resolving disputes.

Beyond the courtroom, Robert Rinder is a frequent face on our tellies, appearing on TV shows such as ITV's Good Morning Britain. He even received an MBE in the 2021 Birthday Honours for services to Holocaust education and awareness.

How old is Robert Rinder?

Robert was born on May 31, 1978, making him currently 45 years old.

Who is Robert Rinder's husband?

Rob and barrister Seth Cumming married in a civil partnership in Ibizia in 2013. The ceremony was actually conducted by actor and close friend Benedict Cumberbatch. Sadly it is believed that Robert and Sam separated in 2018.

Speaking to Rylan Clark on their new travel show, Rob opened up about his love life and said, "I don't talk about my marriage cos he's a private person. But we're in Venice which is a place about passion, I was once so in love when I was in my early twenties but it wasn't reciprocated. And it never has been."

Rylan Clark and Rob Rinder

Celebrity travel shows seem to be growing in popularity and Robert Rinder has partnered up with television and radio presenter Rylan Clark for their very own show: Rob and Rylan's Grand Tour, which sees them ' follow in the footsteps of 19th century romantic poet Lord Byron and other Grand Tourists, immersing themselves in the art, culture, bad behaviour and life-changing exploits of historic Brits abroad. Marking the 200th anniversary of Byron's death, Rob and Rylan will draw from the poet's extensive poems and letters to guide them, alongside the diaries of others who made the trip'.

You'll see them jet-setting to Venice, exploring the wonders of Italian art and culture and learning about the freedom of the carnival; then heading to Florence to see the glorious statues and finally to Rome to witness some staggering ruins.

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Fans of the two have commented on the pair's closeness, after Robert re-shared a photo of him and Rylan on Twitter, quoting Lord Byron in the caption: 'Friendship may and often does, grow into love' but they insist that they are simply just great friends, with Robert saying to the MailOnline, ‘We aren’t a couple. It is what Rylan said, we are like a very old married couple, we row, laugh together and don’t have sex’, he said.

It seems that the feeling is very much mutual for Rylan. Taking to Instagram to promote the show, the presenter wrote: "Tonight our new show starts at 9pm on BBC Two and iPlayer. It was so special. This man has become family to me because of this experience. It really is a show like no other and we’re so proud of it."

If you fancy watching the show, you can catch in on BBC Two, but all episodes of Rob and Rylan's Grand Tour are on iPlayer now.

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Is Robert Rinder a real judge?

No, Robert Rinder is not a real judge in the traditional sense. While he is a qualified barrister, his role as "Judge Rinder" on his TV show is more of a persona for entertainment purposes. The show follows a format similar to other courtroom reality shows, where Rob presides over and adjudicates various small claims cases. The decisions made on the show are legally binding only to the extent that the parties involved agree to abide by them.

What happened to Robert Rinder's father?

In May 2023 on his father's 70th birthday, Robert penned a column about his father's Lewy Body Dementia in London's The Standard. Lewy Body Dementia is a progressive brain disorder that affects thinking, behaviour, and movement. It is the third most common cause of dementia after Alzheimer's disease and vascular dementia.

Rob wrote in the article: "He will know he’s reached this milestone but his joy will need constant prompting. It will be muted, like hearing a party from a locked room that he cannot enter. His disease has robbed him of the uniquely human gift of being present in delight."

Robert admitted he didn't talk much about his dad or his illness both due to privacy and his difficulty in expressing his feelings around the matter.

Robert Rinder on Strictly Come Dancing

Did you spot Rob in the 14th series of Strictly Come Dancing? He was paired with professional dancer Oksana Platerio and was eliminated in week 11, ending the competition in fifth place.

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