Neighbours cast from the past and present

Meet the Neighbours cast from the past and present.


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There have been countless iconic characters in Neighbours over the years. Since its start back in 1985, the popular, long running Australian television soap opera was a hit with viewers from around the globe.

Kylie and Jason to reunite for the final episode

While we might be sad that Neighbours is coming to an end, we must admit we're looking forward to seeing Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan resume their roles as much-loved characters Scott Robinson and Charlene Mitchell in the finale of the show.

The news was announced on the official Neighbours Twitter account, saying "Scott and Charlene are the ultimate Neighbours couple and it would not feel right to end the show without them"

Neighbours is coming to an end

Channel 5 have announced that Neighbours will be ending this summer after 37 years on air.

The future of the show was uncertain after Channel 5 announced plans to stop showing the soap in the summer. Sadly, producers were not able to find different funding options but they were unable to.

A spokesperson for the production company said, "It is with sadness that after nearly 37 years and almost 9,000 episodes broadcast, we are confirming that 'Neighbours' will cease production in the summer.

"Following the loss of a key broadcast partner in the UK, and despite a search for alternative funding, we currently have no option but to rest the show."

The final episode is set to air in August, with a big farewell promised to fans.

Our favourite Neighbours characters of all time

A with all soaps, characters come and go, so we're taking a look back at some of our favourite cast members from the 80s, 90s and 2000s.

Kylie Minogue - Charlene Robinson

How could we start with anyone but pop princess herself, Kylie. The singer appeared in the soap as Charlene from 1986 - 1988, departing the show shortly after her music career began to take off. Her character of Charlene was a tomboyish character and most of her storylines were centered around her relationship with Scott Robinson, played by Jason Donovan.

Jason Donovan - Scott Robinson


The relationship between Scott and Charlene seriously helped boost the ratings of the soap at the time, with Jason Donovan becoming one of the show's first pin-ups. Although their relationship was tested in the early stages, and their marriage was also difficult at times, they made the decision to leave for Brisbane for Charlene's work, which meant Jason left the soap in 1989.

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Annie Jones - Jane Harris

The character of Jane first joined the cast of Neighbours in 1986 and since then, Annie Jones has returned to play Jane in the soap on several occasions. After leaving the show in 1989, she later returned in 2005 for the show's 20th anniversary and later in 2018 before rejoining the cast permanently in 2020.

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Ryan Moloney - Toadie Rebecchi

Jarrod Vincenzo Rebecchi (commonly known as "Toadfish" or "Toadie") has become a hugely popular character in the series since his first appearance in the soap back in 1995. Speaking to Digital Spy, he said: "Like Toadie, I've literally grown up with Neighbours. Since I started out as a tearaway teenager in the series, I've experienced many transformations."

Jackie Woodburne - Susan Kennedy

Susan is the longest running female character in Neighbours history so it's no surprise she's seen her fair share of storylines and has also been married, divorced, widowed and has even been in a relationship with a priest!

Alan Fletcher - Karl Kennedy

The Kennedy's

Another Neighbours icon, the character of Karl was introduced back in 1994. After celebrating his 20 years on the show, Alan commented, "I am planning to hang around for quite a while longer because I do love it too much, we're talking at the moment about a continuation."

Holly Valance - Felicity Scully

Singing sensation Holly is another pop icon who made a name for herself in the famous Australian soap. She played the role of Felicity Scully between 1999 and 2002 before leaving the show to focus on her music career.

Stefan Dennis - Paul Robinson


As the only remaining member of the original Neighbours cast, we couldn't not mention the character of Paul Robinson. Since his very first appearance in the soap in 1985, Stefan left in 1993 to pursue other career paths before returning to the soap permanently in 2004.

Ian Smith - Harold Bishop

Another one of the longest serving soap stars, the character of Harold Bishop first appeared in 1987 until 1991, then in 1996-2009 then in 2011 and later in 2015, when he departed the show for the final time after Harold passes away.

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