GBBO winner Nancy Birtwhistle’s top planet-friendly cleaning tips

Find out more about Nancy's new book, Clean and Green and her top eco-friendly tips.

Nancy Birtwhistle

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We all know Nancy Birtwhistle as the winner of the fifth season of Great British Bake Off in 2014, but did you know she's also an author too?

Motivated by protecting the planet for her ten grandchildren, Nancy decided to change how she used plastic, single-use products and chemicals in her home, sharing her advice online with her followers.

And in January, Nancy released Clean & Green: 101 Hints and Tips for a More Eco-Friendly Home.

In this beautifully illustrated black and white guide, Nancy shares 101 hints and sustainable, natural cleaning tips and hacks to help us all take small steps that have a massive positive environmental impact.

From everyday cleaning and laundry tips to zero-effort oven cleaner and guidance on removing tricky stains from clothing and furniture, these economical, practical methods are perfect for anyone looking to reduce their use of plastic and throwaway products.

Nancy also reveals her tried-and-tested recipes for all-purpose cleaners, replacements for harmful chemicals that will keep both your home and the planet clean and green for future generations.

Nancy has also kindly shared her top eco-friendly cleaning tips, just for Yours readers.

Nancy's planet-friendly top cleaning tips

  1. Invest in reusable glass bottles with screw tops and spray adjustments.
  1. Bicarb and Lemon are great cleaning partners but not together, it’s best to use them separately to see the most effective results.
  1. Start with a few ingredients and methods and continue to grow from there – the important thing is beginning the journey.
  1. My hero green-cleaning ingredient that everyone should have: Sodium percarbonate.
  1. All my methods are created so that everyone can have access to planet-friendly cleaning methods even on a budget but to make it even more budget-friendly, it’s always a good idea to buy ingredients in bulk.
  1. If you can, mix up your ingredients in batches so that you aren’t constantly having to refill – they have a long shelf-life due to the vinegar/surgical spirit.
  1. Nature provides us with some wonderful ingredients that many of us would have never thought of – I have an in-genius way of cleaning oven shelves with grass cuttings and ivy can be used as a detergent.
  1. Invest in some good quality essential oils such as aloe vera, eucalyptus and tea tree.
  1. Always keep 2 separate bathroom cloths for cleaning – pink for the sink and blue for the loo.
  1. Invest in digital scales – you’ll need these to weigh out your ingredients.

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